In these sessions to share with the media, Cristiano Ronaldo was never talking about retiring. At age 35, CR7 always wanted to show extraordinary strength and ready to play more 4-5 years the peak again.

Ronaldo turned
Ronaldo 6 pack abs breeze (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo 6 pack abs breeze

Everything becomes a basis when the 2020, Ronaldo continuously bombarded in Juventus and founded the chain in 11 games scoring a row. From the beginning of the season, the Portuguese superstar easy "pocket" 23 goals and 3 tectonic line.

But after the Serie A suspended indefinitely, Cristiano Ronaldo had to return home to Portugal to avoid service. In the self-published photos on social networks, Ronaldo still shows itself continually practicing and showing off toned 6 pack abs.

However, it is unique in that, although anywhere, CR7 always where the most luxurious in the world. From super-storey villa 7 in Funchal, Madeira Islands to the "headquarters" of Torino (Italy) are living.

Here, up to 40,000 euros rent per day, equivalent to 1.2 million euros per month, causing anyone to oscillate except the Juventus striker. Currently, CR7 is selected this place to the family settled within 14 days under quarantine because Covid-19.

Ronaldo turned
Ronaldo 7-storey villa in Portugal (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo 7-storey villa in Portugal

But the sight of nomad, reveals in The Correio da Manha, Ronaldo is preparing to build a villa 7 million pounds (about 200 billion) in Portugal to prepare end career boxers shirt number.

Reportedly, the Juventus striker has bought a piece of land in Quinta da Marinha vast beautiful city of Cascais, surrounded by mountains and very close to the coast Sintra Lisbon.

The source said that this place will be a new investment plan with superstar 35, or can also use it to "retirement" after retiring. Even TV channels 7 Dias also said that 10 newly fenced land recently purchased by Ronaldo. "This is where he would come home after the end of his career. Everyone knows this and of course we are happy. "

Ronaldo turned
Family of superstars Portugal (Image Source: Internet)

Family of superstars Portugal

Not stop here, the Portuguese media in December last year also revealed Cristiano Ronaldo was the mysterious bought the most expensive apartment in central Lisbon 3,100 m2 at Av da Liberdade area. Unknown amount is how much to pay, but with a superstar with net assets of up to $ 1 billion (according to Forbes), then nothing is impossible.