Although a match does not bring the vital meaning to the ticket to continue in the table because both Barcelona and Juventus have soon gain right to the Knock-out round soon, but clearly, the confrontation between Messi and Ronaldo still attracted Huge attention of Furmese village fans.

Ronaldo Sublimation helps Juventus Dai victory before Barcelona

After the match closed, all were witnessed two interimenary emotions of these two superstars. Cristiano Ronaldo once again caused the whole world to mention themselves when creating a booming performance with a double goal to help Juventus not only win 3-0, but also a sufficient condition to "old lagoon" Turin went on with the position of the top team.

In contrast, Messi was very efforts but the ungenosis was a little lucky that made the image of the Argentina superstar completely overshadowed at the Nou Camp. Barcelona has experienced a "mentor" failure but with Personal Messi, he also feels more bitter when he was "exotic" in a direct compared to a direct match.

Ronaldo sublimation awesome made Messi overshadow: Touching the scoring landmark
Messi was overshadowed in front of Ronaldo's performance (Photo Source: Internet)

Messi was overshadowed in front of Ronaldo's performance

There will be many ideas that Ronaldo "eaten" when both his goals are recorded on 11m. However, if Ronaldo's performance and influence on the field, everyone will have to acknowledge that Juventus played jubilantly by the breath of the Portuguese striker.

Ronaldo's opening goal comes from a sloppy ball and a little wisdom of this striker within the enemy. It will definitely be an expensive lesson with the young Araujo midfielder to confront one of the symbols of world football.

Ronaldo sublimation awesome made Messi overshadow: Touching the scoring landmark
The Portuguese striker reached a milestone recorded "terrible" in career (source: Internet)

The Portuguese striker reached a goal of scoring "terrible" in his career

In the beautiful McKennie Volley Volley, doubling the gap for the visitors, will not be able to ignore Ronaldo's contribution. The 35-year-old star has appeared in the penalty area and duty to attract the cloud of the two defenders on the Barca side to help McKennie make the finish in the posture without anyone attached.

With a double goal against Barca, Ronaldo also established a milestone of 650 goals in his career at the club level. This is also the season that the star Juventus is starting impressed with 40 goals in 2020 in Austria and the national team. Obviously, Ronaldo's great sublimation is making many people ask questions: Which limits are for you, Ronaldo?