Juventus's owners are expected to lead in Portugal in the match against Croatia and Sweden in the group stage upcoming League 2020/21 UEFA Nations, however, Ronaldo has recently encountered a problem relatively serious in the foot.

Ronaldo stuns foot infection, with up to play in the League Nations?
Ronaldo having problems in the feet (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo having problems in the feet

Accordingly, the toe of the goalscorer 35 having problems (the ability to infection) and should be treated with antibiotics. CR7 can not attend the nearest collection Tel Portugal on June 3/9. Earlier, Ronaldo could only gym.

Ronaldo's current case will be the doctor of Tel Portugal will closely monitor and report for each day. It is not clear this striker has recovered in time to play against Croatia took place on 6/9 or not.

Experts believe that coach Fernando Santos will not risk using this spearhead Ronaldo if not from infection. High possibility "7" can be field against Sweden took place on 9/9.

CR7 is aiming scored 100 goals milestone for Portugal Tel. The last time the striker fired in the national team shirt colors is May 11/2019. That is the game for Portugal encounter Luxembourg.

Portugal Tel component Nations League 2020/21 UEFA soon bear loss when midfielder Renato personnel Sanches withdrawal because of injury. This time, the hope of the EURO 2016 champions will be placed on the shoulders of Bruno Fernandes, Ruben Neves, Bernardo Silva - the players are playing in the Premiership.

Back to the issue of Ronaldo, the club managing Juventus will not have to worry because this injury of striker Portugal, by wound infection was assessed as not affecting the muscles and bones. Ronaldo will certainly achieve the best fitness to new coach Andrea Pirlo takes the opening ball screen against Sampdoria in Serie A 2020/21 to date 20/9.