In times of social spacing for pandemic Covid-19, Cristiano Ronaldo regularly uploaded personal photos page exclusive. The latest, fans continue fidgety after CR7 showed portraits with faces strangely sharp and wavy long hair extremely shiny.

Ronaldo showing off fancy floating hair, MU fans
Ronaldo hairstyle jacket resembles moment MU (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo hairstyle jacket resembles moment MU

After showing off a new hairstyle, CR7 send a message comes "There are not endorsed" personal Instagram with 220 million followers.

Most fans have expressed interest before the new face of the superstar was born in 1985. After a few hours posting photos has received over 10 million views and thousands of comments favorite comments.

Some also commented that the new hairstyle do they think of Ronaldo when he joined Manchester United. This makes the fans, "Red Devils" proved to be extremely interesting, though previously CR7 but also often wore long hair mane whenever the courtyard to avoid entanglement.

"This hair reminds me of Ronaldo in the early years jacket MU. A player can play nice and technical, "a supporter said." You look like a guy 19 years old "," Cristiano year old is back, "another fan said.

Reportedly, Ronaldo started keeping hair from the beginning of the season 2019/20. During the isolation period, girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez became reluctant barber for CR7.

However, Ronaldo is not the only player on the world to change the face after the social isolation because Covid-19. Recently, rival Lionel Messi also appeared to look very different when shaved beard hirsute, while growing your hair longer than usual.

A fan commentary said. "Ronaldo and Messi are reminiscent of when they were young. Everything is interesting. Old memories and rivalries. "

Ronaldo showing off fancy floating hair, MU fans
Ronaldo and Messi reminiscent of ancient images (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo and Messi reminiscent of ancient images

Ronaldo, after returning to training at headquarters, superstar Portugal still showed that fitness is extremely prolific and ready stadium in Serie A currently on the table in Serie A, Juventus is leading and over 1 points against Lazio after undergoing 26 rounds.