2020 witnessed the attack wobble of football in particular, of humanity as a whole due to disease Covid-19. For months, the football around the world almost paralyzed. And therefore, to the present time, the 2019/20 season of European football has not ended, with the Champions League and still Europa League.

Ronaldo scored 31 goals / 33 games is not yet effective, Messi ranks a few?
Ronaldo and Messi are not strikers have the best European performance this time (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo and Messi are not strikers have the best performance in Europe this time

Squawka newspaper recently announced very interesting statistics related to the star of five top European leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain). There, the Squawka statistics indicate that both superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are not the best striker in Europe in 2020 this.

Cristiano Ronaldo - at age 35, still playing football at a very high level. With an average of 81 minutes to 1 goal in Serie A since the beginning of 2020 until now, the Portuguese superstar in the top three strikers have scored the best performance of Europe's top 5 solutions.

After only 21 mixed up in his first season with the Serie A (2018/19), steps into 2019/20 season just ended, the Portuguese superstar scored 31 goals in just 33 games played. If only from the beginning of 2020 until now, Ronaldo get 21 goals in 1693 minutes, achieving average efficiency 81 minutes to 1 goal.

While Cristiano Ronaldo played full effort in 2020 the rival Lionel Messi did not maintain the top level as inherently. "El Pulga" only 12 goals in 1,800 minutes in a Barcelona shirt, achieved 150-minute performance / table. Therefore, Messi did not even reach the top 25 scorers in the most effective from the beginning of 2020.

Also by achievements scored somewhat weak Barca Messi but only second in La Liga race, bitter rivals Real Madrid look coronation. Meanwhile, Ronaldo despite efforts but could not top the list of Squawka statistics, but at least he could help Juventus crowned Serie A 9th consecutive year.

According Squawka, Sampdoria striker Federico Bonazzouli achievements scored 5 goals in 387 minutes, 77 minutes median income needed to make the first goal for the home team. Who have the highest conversion rate is Luis Muriel. Rising Stars of Atalanta owns 8 goals after 487 minutes the field, which average 61 minutes with 1 goal.

Ronaldo scored 31 goals / 33 games is not yet effective, Messi ranks a few?
Luis Muriel is performing best scoring five top European leagues (Image Source: Internet)

Luis Muriel is performing best scoring five top European leagues

Erling Haaland Braut average achievements also 81 minutes / goal as Ronaldo. In 2020, the young striker who has played 1,059 minutes Norway with Dortmund, and earned 13 team mixed up.

Other goalscorers coming from Robert Lewandowski Bundesliga is ranked 6th in the list. Owner of Bayern Munich has 15 goals in 1,260 minutes, the performance hit 84 goals to 1 "fire". Achievement of Giampaolo Pazzini par with Lewandowski of Verona, who has 3 goals in 251 minutes.

In the list of scorers most effective in 5 league leading European that Squawka statistics, Neymar Junior (90 minutes per table), Sergio Aguero (91) and Nikola Kalinic (98), respectively ranked No. 7, 8 and 9. However, due league France - Ligue 1 finish soon, so time to Neymar was not much rivalry.

It is very surprising that Ciro Immobile - owner of two noble titles scorer in Serie A and European Golden Shoe 2019/20, only ranked 10th in the list of Squawka statistics. In 2020, the Lazio striker on the payroll of 1,882 minutes played to date and brought back to the team managing 19 goals.