Before football paused by Covid-19, Neymar and PSG had a good game before Dortmund in the Champions League. The Paris team lost 1-2 in the first leg but excellent win 2-0 in the return leg. Neymar has contributed greatly to the overall winner of the PSG scored in both matches.

Ronaldo school Haaland, responded screen
PSG's players "to both his" celebration of Erling Haaland (Image Source: Internet)

PSG's players "to both his" celebration of Erling Haaland

Furthermore, Brazilian striker also invite allies "to both his" Erling Haaland. Norwegian striker has scored twice in the first leg and mixed celebrate "meditation". Neymar and his teammates did the same thing after the second leg along with the message "Paris is ours".

After a long silence, Erling Haaland has revealed his feelings to become the subject of ridicule when PSG's players ESPN interview. "I have sad or not to see this scene? No, actually not. I think they helped me a lot in making "meditation" to the world. Meditation is an important thing to me. I thank them for helping me that. "

No clear answer is "sincere" or a challenge "to both his opposite" to striker from Haaland but Norway has shown the sharpest words in the same way on the field goal. Erling Haaland admits Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration and a great influence to me.

Ronaldo school Haaland, responded screen
Erling Haaland Cristiano Ronaldo do choose to pursue image (Image Source: Internet)

Erling Haaland Cristiano Ronaldo as imagery choose to pursue

"You can recognize it when looking at the faces of Ronaldo. He is confident he is the chosen one and will be scored when the pitch. That was how he walked into a game and that is my favorite style. He's always working, try and keep the flame of desire to succeed ".

Apart from the mental strength, Erling Haaland also learn ways to practice as well as eating and sleeping like Ronaldo. This explains why the striker himself owns a quite "massive" but still very fast. In addition, the Norwegian young talent also revealed differences between Dortmund and Salzburg.

"I feel progress every day. I was training and playing alongside teammates quality than the time in Salzburg. I respect former team but must honestly say that Dortmund create scoring opportunities for me more ".