MU reason determination Miralem Pjanic midfielder pursuit

Spanish newspapers reported simultaneously, Juventus star midfielder Miralem Pjanic's voiced rejected Manchester United and insisted only wants to join Barcelona if to leave the Turin club. Bosnia midfielder in the liquidation plan of Juventus in the summer of this year and is considered the "bait" important to represent MU in Serie A deal to convince Pogba brought back.

Ronaldo refused MU teammates, fate
Juventus Pogba being pursued (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus Pogba being pursued

Accordingly, Pjanic, Alex Sandro and Douglas Costa would be the leading names in the list for sale of "Old Lady" of Turin. Of these, MU proved extremely excited with Pjanic and "Reds" are waiting for an offer from Juventus changed person. Itself "giants" Serie A is doing everything possible to give Pogba back and they're ready to assign Pjanic in case this trade.

However, recent moves by Pjanic showed that he did not want to become "bait" and is not interested in the prospect of playing in the Premier League. Pole star player Ronaldo is looking forward to eat the heart to Barcelona, ​​the team he loves behind Juventus. 30 year old midfielder also confirmed that he would never join Manchester United or PSG, the teams are contacting Juventus to win the services of the player.

Ronaldo refused MU teammates, fate
Pjanic is "bait" is important to convince Juventus MU (Image Source: Internet)

Pjanic is "bait" is important to convince Juventus MU

According to Catalan newspaper Sport, Barcelona are also in contact with the representatives of Pjanic to take him to the Nou Camp. If the deal is completed, Juventus will probably not change the face by Barcelona made no secret intentions to become a variable Pjanic provided invaluable support for the following season Messi. Sport newspaper revealed Pjanic even agree to personal terms of the contract for 4 years with Barcelona and the deal will be announced immediately after the summer transfer market is open.

Ronaldo refused MU teammates, fate
Pogba will continue staying at Manchester United because Pjanic (Image Source: Internet)

Pogba will continue staying at Manchester United because Pjanic

In reverse, Pogba will probably be difficult to leave than when MU search can not be a strong enough alternative names French star. That would be a good news for the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær Norway strategist who want to combine insists Pogba and Bruno Fernandes became the couple "super striker" of the home side at Old Trafford.

Behind the Italian team, Juventus also deadlocked in persuading people MU release and the Serie A champion is looking forward to other possible targets such as Rakitic or Coutinho.