With Barcelona is ranked among the second seed in the ceremony UEFA Champions League, Messi has a chance against Ronaldo for the first time in the Champions League since 2011 to date by Juventus located in group number one seed. Finally, ballot luck also to create conditions for mutually conducting fight again when Juventus and Barcelona in Group D along with Dynamo Kiev and Ferencvaros.

Ronaldo Messi Cup reunion C1: For the first peak, piling fate
Juventus and Barcelona lie in the Champions League Group D 2020/21 (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus and Barcelona lie in the Champions League 2020/21 Group D

Ronaldo and Messi together individual title rival in more than a decade. The duo acquirer to 11 of 12 title "Golden Ball" closest, something difficult to repeat in the near future. Currently, Messi is 6 title "Golden Ball", more than one title compared to rival Ronaldo.

However, Ronaldo Messi is superior in the race for the Champions League. The Portuguese superstar has 5 times crowned at the most prestigious tournament in Europe while the figure of Messi 4.

Ronaldo holds the record for most goals scored more league history (130 goals), than Messi to 15 goals. Both were still burning desire to stand on top of Europe again so this time the confrontation was extremely noticeable.

Work out, Messi and Ronaldo met a total of 35 times including at the level of club and country. Argentine superstar is the overwhelming victory versus rival (16 versus 10). Messi also scored more than Ronaldo in terms when the two confront each (22 and 19).

Messi and Ronaldo for the first time in the Champions League encounter 2007/08

For the first time the duo met was in the 2007/08 Champions League. Meanwhile, Ronaldo played for Manchester United and "Reds" against Barcelona in the semi-finals. CR7 missed scoring opportunities down when shot penalty in the first leg but won the final super-MU with Scholes in the return leg.

Meanwhile, the latest encounter in the Champions League of the duo's 2011/12 Champions League semi-finals. That time, Ronaldo played for Real Madrid and ended 1-3 after two legged player with Messi's own excellence.

This year, Ronaldo has stepped over the age of 35, while Messi also welcomed the age of 33. Therefore birthday, the chance of direct confrontation with each of the duo was not much, if not to say, this may be the time Last of all parties.

Therefore, both Messi and Ronaldo definitely will "fire" their best in every war. The best scenario for the two superstars as they overcome the group stage and meet at the finals. However, there is a long way ahead and no one sure what.