Have 2 years from the date the decision Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid tore farewell. Zinedine Zidane's team are still struggling with the problem: How to find a factor afford nostalgia Ronaldo round out where the Madridista.

Ronaldo leading the empire against Barca deserve great myths in Real?
"Blockbuster" Hazard disappointing in color shirts Real (Picture source: Internet)

"Blockbuster" Hazard disappointing in color shirt Real

After having spent 303 million euros in 2019 summer fair, Real understood that they had lost valuable thing like. The most expensive player in the history of Real with "blockbuster" 150 million euros spent Eden Hazard first season extremely disappointing.

Eden Hazard was sidelined more than the game, and there came also showed no effect as expected. It is incredible that in the 2019/20 La Liga campaign, the Belgian star only correct one goal "white vultures".

2019/20 is one of the best seasons of Karim Benzema career. However, the number of new French striker "only" 21 goals and 8 line is created. Meanwhile, Ronaldo at the age of 35, has scored 31 goals and 5 indirect way in the Juventus team.

Ronaldo leading the empire against Barca deserve great myths in Real?
Ronaldo helped Real break the dominance of Barca (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo helped Real break the dominance of Barca

Midfielder Esteban Granero during a recent interview, all praise former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. Former Real Madrid player, who has set food in the oven Real Castilla from the age of 9, confirmed that during the 118 years of existence and development of the club, only two great players like Ronaldo. Alfredo di Stefano and it is Raul Gonzalez.

Esteban Granero explained Ronaldo to Real in the most powerful stage of Barcelona's history. 2008/09 season, the club won another 6 unprecedented eat. With superstar Lionel Messi is considered the best history tiki-taka style of play and extremely effective coach Pep Guardiola, Barca really "unmatched" in his golden period.

However, Ronaldo still bravery tore leave Manchester United, to the Madrid team. Meanwhile, if you continue to stay with the "Reds", CR7 promises longer reap great successes more. With Ronaldo as leading the orchestra Galacticos 2.0, Real gradually beating out rival empire Barca

4 Champions League which Real won in 5 years, from 2013 to 2018, Ronaldo has always been the biggest contributor. 15 trophies including 4 Champions League, two La Liga, 2 Cups King, 2 Super Cups Spain, 2 European Super Cup and three FIFA Club World Cup, Historic Real have never seen any player to reap success public to give so.

Ronaldo is one of the three greatest players Real, according to the midfielder Granero

Real history has never owned one other player scored as much as Ronaldo. 450 goals in 430 matches, which is really extraordinary figure. But Real did not take a formal position in the history enough club to talk about CR7.

The way Ronaldo Real forced to leave also shows injustice. Early 2018, President Perez just committed a raise in the contract renewal with Ronaldo, but determined not to increase the number five. Real wages even proposed no penetration in comparison with the contributions of CR7. And that is the way that Real had treated superstar superlative excellence of their history.