Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates had a forgettable night at San Siro. Despite two goal lead but lost to Juventus 2-4 reverse last only about 30 minutes in the second half. Ronaldo's 26th goal in Serie A 2019/20 became meaningless when visitors play defense as "dream sleep".

Ronaldo scored, but Juventus still lost (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo scored, but Juventus still lost

The first is the challenge, "volleyball" by central defender Bonucci inside the box, enabling Ibrahimovic reduced the lead on 11m. Next is the situation 5 Juventus defensive player can not block a central midfielder in the penalty Kessie dribble and finish easily beat Szczesny.

Ronaldo also role play a situation sinner in the role play ... Messi. After 67 minutes, the Portuguese superstar back to grab the ball in midfield and intend to develop bright ball from the right, but without success.

Ronaldo back foot ball and the player decided to dribble into the middle but did not pass the AC Milan midfield. Loss situations from the shadow of the Portuguese superstar, the home team organized counterattack and Leao was founded in Milan ahead 3-2.

Ronaldo Messi suddenly wanted to try, but ... failed miserably (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo Messi suddenly wanted to try, but ... failed miserably

It can be said is a situation "strange" Ronaldo and commonly found in over Argentine superstar. CR7 usually small group collaboration in the midfield and dribble on either flank. Once created this mutation Ronaldo failed to find the deadlock of the Juventus midfield in the development of the ball.

Although ownership of players is considered to be quality in midfield but the Turin club frequently encountered problems in the development of the ball. The elegant style of play is that it is easily found in the play of the moment Juventus.

A point worth mentioning is that the defense of Juventus also revealed weaknesses "deadly". Crafts's famous Turin club are now just a thing of the past with the defense unable situation worse. We can say, Ronaldo made a "humiliation" with Ibrahimovic. Swedish superstar angers fun opponent to level with action by hand CR7 allusion to "shut up and kicking the ball."