Regrets Ronaldo

Last Day 20/7 (Hanoi time), France Football magazine reported cancellations Golden Ball Award 2020. According to the interpretation, the core causes of the pandemic from Covid-19 makes many tournaments canceled midway. France Football said that no organization awarded Golden Ball will bring justice.

Ronaldo grudge, permanently inferior Messi Golden Ball because Covid 19?
Ronaldo will probably be extremely regretful for Golden Ball in 2020 was canceled (Photo Source: Internet)

Ronaldo will probably be extremely regretful for Golden Ball in 2020 canceled

Tutto Italia Sport newspaper said that the people most excited when the Golden Ball in 2020 canceled perhaps Lionel Messi. Argentine superstar was not at Barcelona crowned La Liga, King's Cup defeat in perspective and face empty-handed if giants Catalunya was eliminated in the Champions League.

Though the title of La Liga top scorer with 25 goals, and has 21 road tectonics, but the explosion of Messi personally been judged insufficient. And if I had to put on the scales compared to other competitors in the award of the Golden Ball this year, Messi is probably hard to defend the title he won in the 2019 war.

Still according to Tutto Sport, with individual Cristiano Ronaldo, the 2020 Golden Ball is canceled frightening news. This season, Ronaldo continues to be the leading goalscorer for Juventus. Especially, CR7 maintained style post-pandemic glare Covid-19. According to statistics from Whoscored, CR7 has scored 9 goals in 8 matches in Serie A after a season back.

Scored twice against Lazio with Ronaldo created the memorable record. The Portuguese superstar became the first player to record 50 goals in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. At the age of 35, Ronaldo is still hard to believe that there are great opportunities to win the title of top scorer in 1 5 tournaments leading Partially Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain).

Even Ronaldo is seeking to conquer an unprecedented record in the history, which is to become the top scorer award the top 3 in Europe. In the past, CR7 won this award in the Premier League and La Liga with Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Messi permanently inferior?

With 8 points more than second-placed Inter after 34 rounds, Juventus are now bright door won the Serie A title in 2019/20. Thus, in the achievement of collective and individual, Ronaldo and Messi are marginally better. And assumed Juventus crowned Champions League 2019/20 in August to Ronaldo nearly touched a hand to Golden Ball trophy.

Ronaldo grudge, permanently inferior Messi Golden Ball because Covid 19?
Messi now owns 6 Golden Ball trophy (Image Source: Internet)

Messi now owns 6 Golden Ball trophy

At the age of 35, Ronaldo still create miracles. Ronaldo's peers, the majority of the players retired or "retirement" in the US, China, the Middle East ... while he still plowed with Juventus, scoring on a regular basis. But at the age of CR7, nobody dare after his season can shine like that anymore.

In the year after the 2021 Golden Ball back, Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, and everything becomes much more difficult. Young stars like Erling Haaland, Mbappe, Sancho great rivalry with Messi promises fierce competition this noble title.

Besides, next year the organization EURO finals. Meanwhile, players shine in this tournament can be honored. Portugal national team despite being the defending champions, but compared to France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy or England, clearly the power of Ronaldo and his teammates are not appreciated by.

And therefore, conquering Golden Ball in 2021 with Ronaldo increasingly difficult. And can CR7 - owner of 5 Golden Ball, will permanently inferior to rival Lionel Messi - who has six titles in his career.