8 goals from "fat"Ronaldo to help Brazil 2002 World Cup champion

Besides natural talent, world famous Brazilian player with capital bohemian life off the pitch and "fat" Ronaldo (or Ronaldo of Brazil) is no exception. In an interview on The Guardian (UK), the legendary 43, causing fans shocked to reveal every "do it" before many matches to ... play better.

Ronaldo "love" before every game to maintain performance (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo "love" before every game to maintain form

... but the World Cup winner insisted "joy" more

"I used to do it before many matches, must admit it helped me focus and play better. Of course the coach does not allow me to do so well," said Ronaldo.

In 2011, Ronaldo once casually reject the idea that "do it" will make the players decadent style of the journal AS (Spain): "No one has proven to have sex can affect performances on the pitch! ".

However, according to "fat" Ronaldo, feeling "on top" is not interested in feeling the World Cup with Brazil: "It's hard to choose, but I think the World Cup like better. This does not mean do it not amazing, just the World Cup four years to 1, while 'sex' someday I can do. "

In his career, Ronaldo each 2 times World Cup champion (1994, 2002) but only really shines in the league in 2002 - where he contributed 8 goals and won the Golden Ball last year (in 1994 not to play minutes yet).

"Aliens" admitted raising World Cup Trophy is the moment the most memorable life, "Champion 2002 World Cup is a moment that I had never dreamed of. But I can not do that without comrades ".

Life off the field Ronaldo extremely complex with three marriages, a series of "one night" love  and impeachment, hysterically. But unlike former teammates as Ronaldinho or Adriano, "aliens" still rich after retiring due to financial management capabilities better, plus the business project success.

2016, Forbes estimated asset value of approximately 150 million dollars Ronaldo. Even mid-2018, he unexpectedly spent $ 30 million acquisition of a 51% stake and become the boss of Real Valladolid - the club is playing in La Liga.