Ronaldo pitted screen of "fat" and Cannavaro Cup hero Quartet 1997 (Brazil 3-3 Italy Tel)

Recently, the newly phen fans stunned when two legendary football - Ronaldo "fat" and Fabio Cannavaro in the exchange reunited online on social networks.

Ronaldo "fat" reunion Cannavaro and recall moments in the legendary Four Cup hero in 1997 (Image Source: Internet)

"Fat" Ronaldo reunion Cannavaro and recall moments in the legendary Four Cup hero in 1997

"He is the best player in the generation of us. There are so many names stand out in Serie A at the time, but when confronted with him, I had to pray that" Cannavaro praised rival once more encounters at club and country level.

In response, Ronaldo also insisted Cannavaro heading the best defender he had ever confronted: "I have encountered countless excellent defender Paolo Maldini but his last, Thuram, Desailly and the best people."

Ronaldo first met Quartet Cup hero Fabio Cannavaro in 1997, where Brazil and Italy Tel together with impressive leg 3-3. At that time, the legendary 44 year old was the best player in the world and Italy set the best defenders of Serie A - the top European league.

Throughout the match, Ronaldo "torment" Cannavaro and Paolo Maldini legend, even record one marvelous hooked the ball past Cannavaro go. Photos capture the moment Ronaldo "fat" rampaged through between defenders renowned duo also became famous around the world.

Recall that game, Cannavaro did not hide the mood of excitement: "When we confronted in 1997, Cesare Maldini (manager Tel Italia) told me to be wary because he is a phenomenon. Indeed we and Paolo Maldini has created a memorable moment. After the game, I have to admit with Maldini that he was not exaggerating. "

During this conversation, Cannavaro suddenly mention Cristiano Ronaldo and the debate is not ending the grave tone of two "Ronaldo": "Do you think when prompted to Cristiano Ronaldo, we again declare him Ronaldo was the real thing despite what CR7 has been doing it? "

However, Ronaldo proved modest when praised juniors: "People can not impose anything. Ronaldo will be remembered through the goals and miracles. History football has always recognized him as most valuable player, alongside Lionel Messi ".

Ronaldo and Fabio Cannavaro and retired in 2011. At this moment, the Italian football legend served as head coach the Chinese team Guangzhou Evergrande, and "aliens" to succeed in business, and become the president of Real Valladolid - play in La Liga club.