English Premier League last season ended a turbulent yesterday (26/7). Liverpool won the championship while Jamie Vardy won the title of "top scorer" with 23 goals. This achievement of the England striker is not enough to compete for the title "European Golden Shoe".

Ronaldo door racing
Scorer of the Premier League is not in dispute group "European Golden Shoe: (Image Source: Internet)

Scorer of the Premier League is not in dispute group "European Golden Shoe:

Currently, the list of highest scorers in Europe have had the tremendous change. Ciro Immobile has risen to balance the goal with previous leader Robert Lewandowski with the same 34 goals.

Italian striker is showing terrible performance when scoring a hat-trick against Hellas Verona.

Of the three goals of the star, two goals coming from 11m shot with the same script. Immobile foul and the player himself into the table's finish with low shot on the lower left corner. The remaining goal is a superhuman heart made goalkeeper flight phase only as background for goals.

The remarkable thing than Ciro Immobile has the opportunity to improve their achievement by Serie A to two rounds still to be completed. Round 37, Lazio will face Brescia - has undoubtedly relegated team and that is the opportunity to pen up immobile, while the last round, Naples is not the opponent can easily conceded.

Ronaldo door racing
Ronaldo is in a difficult position than immobile (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo is in a difficult position than immobile

Share opportunities with a little less immobile but Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar who had been 31 goals, 3 goals less than immobile and Lewandowski.

We can say, CR7 and Italian striker was in the "race double" for two titles "scorer in Serie A" and "European Golden Shoe".

However, Ronaldo is performing your opponent is not as good. After fuse stature against Udinese, CR7 has "fire" back in the match against Sampdoria. That's class finish from Pjanic's cross.

However, the Portuguese superstar missed opportunity "precious than gold" to brace up when stopped unsuccessful on 11m.

Shadow phase down this food chain terminated successfully 12 times consecutively Ronaldo penalty in Serie A. immobile has successfully implemented two 11m penalty and bringing her up into the number 13 times the performance penalty of consecutive.

Of course, Ronaldo remain immobile chance to pass in the last two rounds. Prerequisites are CR7 must continually "shooting" in the second match against Cagliari and Roma, while conditions are immobile enough to suddenly lose form. It's very hard to predict what happens.