One day ago, Ronaldo makes the grave gender ecstatic with a brace against Cagliari. These two goals help the Portuguese superstars temporarily rise to the leading position in the race to win the title "Serie Serie A" with Ibrahimovic (8 goals). However, Sweden Prime Minister had not played around 8 so Ronaldo was still able to fall behind.

Ronaldo called, Ibrahimovic replied: 10 goals / 6 games, breaking the record 78 years
Ibrahimovic splashes 10 goals only after 6 appearances at Serie A (Photo source: Internet)

Ibrahimovic splashes 10 goals only after 6 appearances at Serie A

AC Milan must be a guest of Napoli, an opponent who is not pleasant but once, Ibrahimovic proves why people still have to repeat their names every week. The player is about to turn around ... 40 only takes 20 minutes to find the enemy's grid with the head header.

It was a moving phase of tape cutting from outside the penalty area, overcoming the huge midfielder hitches. Ibrahimovic launched a header at a distance of 15m, but Meret goalkeeper did not have a chance to stop by the ball too fast and accurately. This is also a goal opening the match.

The Swedish striker completed his brace in the 54th minute with a delicate place to welcome the pass of Ante Rebic and then cushioned the ball to the correctness. Ibrahimovic's mischievously turned Koulibaly, midfielder was priced 100 million euros into a "clown" when he didn't know the number 11 of AC Milan "turned away" only after a face.

This brace helps Ibrahimovic continue to leave Ronaldo to stay behind and toxic to the top of the list of "bombing king" with 10 goals after only 6 courses in Serie A this season. Expanding in the top 5 European FBR tournaments, the achievement of the Swedish striker is only one person Lewandowski (11 goals). I don't understand, if I don't have to take a break for Covid-19, Ibrahimovic's achievement is good.

Ibrahimovic adhesion and soon to leave the field

According to statistics from Opta, Ibrahimovic is the oldest player who scored at least 10 goals after the first 8 rounds of Serie A. The previous person holding this record is Silvio Piola founded in ... 1942/43, ie 78 years ago and when ... 29 years old.

Somewhat unfortunately when this was not a perfect evening of Ibrahimovic. Swedish striker has injured and soon must leave the field. According to the source from Milan News, the Swedish striker has a stilted injury in a falling situation. Ibrahimovic tried to return to make a free kick but the problem was greater than the fantasy of this player.

Currently, not only AC Milan that football lovers will all hope Ibrahimovic will soon recover to return to the pitch, scoring and fighting the title "Scorer" with Ronaldo.