Juventus met many difficulties before Genoa, a team was well organized at least in this match and played with a high discipline. The home team does not hesitate to play the bump, let Juventus hold the ball to 73% of the time but are always ready to launch a sharp attack.

Ronaldo brighten the age of 35: Worthy of the King of Rock 11m, crossing Ibrahimovic
Ronaldo made a penalty double into the Genoa grid (Photo source: Internet)

Ronaldo made a double penalty into the grid Genoa

Until 75 minutes, the score was 1-1 and many Juventini felt impatient. But thanks to a wise shadow situation of Juan Cuadrado, Juventus was awarded for a penalty kick. As always, Cristiano Ronaldo hugged the ball, performed into the momentum and released a kick in the middle of the confident goal.

The last minutes of the battle, Genoa gently attacked the equalizer. Once again Juventus was entitled to Penalty, this time it was Morata's turn to take. Like the match with Barcelona 3 days earlier, Ronaldo successfully done, this time a decisive kick.

This is the match that Ronaldo played very enthusiastically. He made a total of 8 shots, and had 2 goals from penalty dots. He received 7.9 points in this match from the Whoscored statistics page. Thus, in just 1 week, Ronaldo has two double-lengths from penalty. He can also get higher scores if the triumphat for Chiesa is calculated, instead of this young player offside.

With two goals in this match, Ronaldo had 10 phases of attacks, catching up with the leader of the scorer race to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The more sense this achievement is when this is the 100th time Ronaldo wears Juventus. In the club history, only Omar Sivori (84 goals) and Felice Borel (80) scored more desks than Ronaldo in the first 100 matches for "old lagoon".

In the 21st century, Ronaldo was the first player to hit the landmark of 400 victories in the first European tournament. Lionel Messi ranked second with 365 victories and Gianluigi Buffon ranked third with 350 wins.