In the final moments of the summer transfer window, Juventus decided to play big. "Old Lady" Federico Chiesa decided to recruit from Fiorentina on loan for 2 years for a fee of 10 million euros. And if Chiesa meet certain requirements, Juventus forced to buy out the player for 40 million euros.

Ronaldo at Juventus empire nearing demise:
Juventus recruited last day of the transfer window Chiesa (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus recruited last day of the transfer window Chiesa

Among the factors that could bind that Juventus have money to buyout Chiesa, with the striker must Courtyard at least 60% of the match, each time to play at least 30 minutes and myself striker must score at least 10 goals and made 10 tectonic phase.

The two most recent seasons, aged 21 and 22, Chiesa has more than 10 goals per season for Fiorentina. 2019/20 season, the son of legendary Enrico Chiesa scored 10 goals in Serie A last 6 road is created, 11 goals in all competitions. 1 year ago, Chiesa has 12 goals for Fiorentina.

The figure above shows, Federico Chiesa potential is huge. Chiesa has many years of playing in Serie A, promises to be easy to integrate with the team's play Serie A. With his talent, the youngster will be a quality supplement for the team of coach Pirlo .

In fact, the "Old Lady" has devoted attention to Chiesa long. Andrea Agnelli president with General Director Pavel Nedvěd believe that owning a player capable of creating mutations as Chiesa would significantly improve strength in the club restaurant.

Federico Chiesa expectations can combine well with other stars of the Juventus attack as Ronaldo, Dyabla or Morata. But in fact, this may be bad news for Cristiano Ronaldo.

This could be bad news for Ronaldo

Chiesa gameplay is very similar to Ronaldo. They jointly own a horrendous speed, the ability to create high mutation, and ready bunch inside to become a striker. The difference is that Ronaldo is declining performance due to the burden of age. Meanwhile, age is the strongest point of Chiesa. In fact, between them have over distances up to 13 years old.

Not only the speed, the ability to handle great in tight spaces, Federico Chiesa also extremely versatile. Whoscored statistics page says, Chiesa can be played in all the vertical position from half court to the opponent's goal. Players born in 1997 could rock the midfielder left, right and center midfielder. And even better to play both forward positions as needed.

So if Federico Chiesa reap success with Juventus, forcing the team to spend 40 million euros to buy out, then it also means "Old Lady" has found a substitute Ronaldo. Ronaldo's contract with Juventus of longer duration until the summer of 2022, coinciding with Chiesa.

Meanwhile people of Turin will not necessarily keep Ronaldo in salary "heaven" today (30 million euros per season). Therefore, CR7 should be prepared for their future. Remember that Pirlo is rejuvenated Juventus coach.

Besides Chiesa less than 23 years, in the hands of coach Dejan Kulusevski Pirlo has a 20 year old is also extremely prospective. Also, it can be Bernardeschi. If ice like a true striker, Ronaldo needs to compete with Morata. In short, the revolution of coach Andrea Pirlo rejuvenation will greatly influence the future of Ronaldo.