Portugal 0-1 Greece (Euro 2004)

In the first major league capped Portugal, CR7 supposed to have been able to raise the championship EURO 2004. Opponents seemed underdogs Greece had a great campaign with incredible efficiency in row public and the idea certainly not in defense. Painful 0-1 defeat blow to the ambitions of a new Ronaldo then 19 years old. He cried after the final whistle sounded.

Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United (2008/09 Champions League final)

This is the great battle between Ronaldo and Messi's first. This can be considered as the golden time of both superstars, when they started with the incredible step forward in his career. Ronaldo became the pillars of the MU while coach Pep Guardiola Messi was awarded "for publication" and ushered in a period of brilliant team. Messi played in this game wonderful, Ronaldo eclipsed by jumping on a header shot into the far corner that Van der Sar stunned, scored the 2-0 win for Barca.

Ronaldo & 5 defeat shame
Messi to head into Van der Sar (Image Source: Internet)

Messi to head into Van der Sar

Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (La Liga 2010/11)

In the second season jacket Real, Ronaldo, Messi continued to be overtaken in the most important match between the two clubs. In El Clasico at Camp Nou in the first leg of that season, Ronaldo and teammates had to get a lecture on attacking football by Barca classroom. Ronaldo completely blocked by the system superiority of Pep Guardiola Vietnam, and his teacher, Jose Mourinho's biggest defeat receive in his career.

Portugal 0-4 Germany (first round 2014 World Cup)

Ronaldo stepped up to the 2014 World Cup with confidence enormously, as he has helped Real Madrid win the Decima (10th Champions Cup C1 / Champions League), with 17 goals in the Champions League that year. However, the nightmare in the 2014 World Cup came too soon Ronaldo and teammates were buffeted Germany Tel to 4 goals without reply in their opening game and the final stop is always here.

Portugal 2-0 Uruguay (2018 World Cup Round 1/8)

2018 World Cup group stage witnessing an extremely sublimated Ronaldo with 4 goals in 3 matches get. However, the ambition of advancing at the World Cup Ronaldo again extinguished. At 1/8 round confrontation in Uruguay, despite efforts Ronaldo but completely powerless against a solid system of opponents and accept eliminated, while continuing not to score in the knockout stages of World Cup.