Ronaldinho and his brother - Roberto De Assis is still subject to arrest a 4-star hotel in the capital, Asuncion (Paraguay) after they paid 6 million dollars bail to escape from remand home Agrupacion Especializada prison for illegal entry into the country in early March.

Ronaldinho led Barcelona processor sub: Almost damaging Messi like?
Barca Ronaldinho was sold BLD fold for AC Milan in 2008 for fear of spoiling his junior Messi when two people live together (Image Source: Internet)

Barca Ronaldinho was sold BLD fold for AC Milan in 2008 for fear of spoiling his junior Messi when two people live together

Ro lug reputation has been seriously damaged in recent years. However, 15 years ago, the legendary Brazilian played glowed when he was draped in Barcelona.

In 2005, with the game ball and enchanting improvisation as a "witch grass", Ronaldinho helped Barcelona La Liga champions, but itself was awarded the title of the Golden Ball France Football magazine. A year later, Ronaldinho helped Barca win the Champions League when Arsenal in the final in Paris.

However, Ronaldinho has lost his then because eating habits and lifestyle play unprofessional. In the last years of his career, Ronaldinho to gain weight rather than peak periods. La Vanguardia newspaper reporter even shoot scenes "Ro lug" beer belly breeze undress in 2008. It is the result of off-field lifestyle of Ronaldinho.

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia disclosure, the Brazilian frequent partying at bars in Castelldefels, a beautiful suburb of the southern seaside city of Barcelona.

Meanwhile, many senior officials of Barca was concerned Lionel Messi will infect vices because two people renting in the Castelldefels and "Ro lug" absolutely can invite juniors join the party "all night throughout the morning, "the Argentine striker made the opposite risk of" early bloom, ephemeral ".

To prevent this risk, Barca decided to sell Ronaldinho for handling flat and AC Milan in the summer of 2008 at just 22.05 million euros despite Brazilian star who helped them bring back many noble titles. At the same time, coach Pep Guardiola was appointed to replace Frank Rijkaard colleagues to help develop and bring Messi to the title for the Camp Nou side.

History has proven the correctness of this decision. Messi worthy successor legendary number 10 shirt of Ronaldinho and reap countless individual titles and teams then noble, which significantly is record 6 "Golden Ball". Ronnie also has gradually lost her since leaving Barca and now going to the brother in court for entry into Paraguay scandal with fake passports.