Ronaldinho's brother Roberto de Assis and Moreira his police remand for 32 days Paraguay arrested for using fake passports. 8/4 day after prison filed by US $ 1.6 million, two brothers being confined in hotels Palmaroga Asuncion, capital of Paraguay.

Ronaldinho happy room
Ronaldinho escaped from prison in Paraguay (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldinho escaped from prison in Paraguay

This is a 4-star luxury hotel and Ronaldinho were living in a room "President". Of course, this is too great a space with the legendary Brazilian ball, much better with life behind bars in prison.

Reportedly, the two brothers Ronaldinho to pay more than 700 USD / day at the hotel. Here, they enjoy the most advanced facilities such as swimming pool, a ballroom and an outdoor site. Both will temporarily stay here until the investigation ends.

When pandemic Covid-19 affect the progress of the investigation, the process of investigating the case involving brothers Ronaldinho may extend 6 months. Earlier, lawyer Ronaldinho has 3 times for him to apply for bail. However, the court said that Paraguay's former Barcelona midfielder easy fled subject should have rejected 2 times.

No one heard the former Barca player said anything but a member of the band said that Ronaldinho has joked that "I was the one who dodged Covid-19".

Ronaldinho happy room
Legendary Brazilian exchanges with the band in his hometown (Image Source: Internet)

Legendary Brazilian exchanges with the band in his hometown

During their stay in the hotel, Ronaldinho not exposed to anyone outside. The Brazilian subject to arrest during investigation so no one is allowed visitation. Sources from ESPN said Ronaldinho and his brother remained in daily contact with family and friends via phone (under supervision) at the hotel.