In the recent past, the future story of striker Lionel Messi is a topic received special attention from the public. The cause stems from the Argentina striker frustrated with the Camp Nou club, especially after the 2-8 defeat against Bayern in the 2019/20 Champions League quarterfinals.

Pep Guardiola dream reunite old games (Image Source: Internet)

Pep Guardiola old dream of reunion games

After Barcelona appoint Koeman as its new head coach, press Spain revealed Messi had a private talk with the military rulers Dutch and expressed desire to leave when his contract expires in June / 2021.

At 33, Messi play knew the opportunity would not have much high peaks. So this is the appropriate time for him draped in a big team, before it could no longer receive the pursuit.

According to new information broadcast from ESPN, Manchester City are really serious deal with superstars ever recruited 6 times won the Golden Ball, the most important condition was not to violate the financial fairness.

This season, the team has stopped Etihad Stadium in the Champions League against Lyon quarterfinals. Therefore, the purpose of the upper world is brought about Messi Man City reunion with Pep Guardiola to be named King in heaven Europe after many years of waiting.

Still, the blue half of Manchester admits the transfer here is very complicated and had premeditated the ledge. Because before that, Barcelona has always maintained that stance and declared Messi is not for sale. Besides, 700 million euro price to free contract is also at stake.

However, ESPN revealed some members of the leadership team Barcelona are ready to "El Pulga" get away if reasonable suggestions. Large amount collected will be used to help new coach Ronald Koeman reconstruction team.

Manchester City want to turn Messi into the biggest transfer deal history (Image Source: Internet)

Manchester City want to turn Messi into the biggest transfer deal history

Currently, in addition to Manchester City had earlier planned to recruit Messi also has many other teams are also interested in the captain of Barcelona, ​​including Inter Milan, Juventus and PSG.

Although originating in Catalunya team this season not won any trophy, but personally impressed Messi still played and scored 31 goals, 26 is generated in all competitions for Barcelona.