Chelsea is becoming "the dominant player" in the summer fair in 2020, when spending more than 200 million pounds to enlist recruits. It is in stark contrast to the gloomy picture on the transfer market of the English Premier League in particular and Europe in general all.

Rich Premier League loss 441 million pounds, Manchester United - Chelsea contract receivables 0
3 players Jota, Chilwell and Sane are those sold to the highest bidder (Image Source: Internet)

3 players Jota, Chilwell and Sane are those sold to the highest bidder

Not naturally the European team looked at Chelsea with jealous eyes. Because, most of the English team is big trouble financially. According to the Daily Mail, which to this point have only three Premier League team collected more than 25 million pounds from the sale of players. It was Wolves, Manchester City and Leicester.

Leicester received 45 million pounds from the sale of Ben Chilwell for Chelsea.

Manchester City earned £ 45 million in the deal Leroy Sane joined Bayern Munich.

Wolves took home 56 million pounds from the sale Doherty for Tottenham (15 million pounds) and Diogo Jota for Liverpool (41 million pounds).

Meanwhile, the summer of 2019, statistics from the Daily Mail show that 11/20 Premier League clubs earned at least 25 million pounds from the sale of his players. And look at the whole summer 2019, the club earned £ 650 million from the transfer process.

Also at the fair this summer 2020, the total amount that the 20 Premier League clubs earned from the sale of players is only 209 million pounds. In the context of the transfer only about 2 weeks, it is expected this number will not increase significantly. And according to estimates by the Daily Mail, the deficit amount is 441 million pounds.

The teams are having to liquidate some players are not in his plans. Player itself needs no changing accommodation, changing work environment at the present time. When they are satisfied with their lives, then why to change?

Because the transition to a new environment at this time while making them face the risk of infection Covid-19, which is still very serious in the UK. Besides, the move to a new club at this time can make their treatment regime in decline, or they think you will enjoy a higher salary if they go in a different time.

Manchester United and Chelsea have a lot of players need to liquidate, but still deadlocked

The big teams have more difficulty in selling all its players. MU wanted blackmail though Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Marcos Rojo or Andreas Pereira, but so far still completely helpless. Amount that MU earned from the sale of players in the summer transfer window in 2020, up to 24/9, the numbers 0 plump.

Similarly, although Chelsea has welcomed a series rookie, but also can not liquidate because players do not want to leave. And they are not quite over MU is how, when only three players on loan is not in the plans of coach Lampard, while unsold stars to balance revenues and expenditures.

24/9 till date, have to sell off 10 English clubs have not been any other player, including 3 giants Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham. Even the teams are struggling financially and want to sell their very human like Aston Villa, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield United also in the general situation.