Match evolution between MU and PSG in Table H Champions League:

8 The next match of the 5th match Tables E, F, G and H Champions League took place this morning 3/12. After Porto (Table C) and Liverpool (Table D) have a ticket to continue yesterday, Borussia Dortmund (Table F) is also the latest team soon to early in 1/8.

Revealing the latest team to take tickets to continue Cup C1: MU, Real as
Dortmund is the only team to win tickets soon for 1/8 Champions League last night after 1-1 draw with Lazio (source: Internet)

Dortmund is the only team to win tickets soon for 1/8 Champions League last night after a 1-1 draw with Lazio

The Hall of the Signal Iduna Park had a lead to Lazio after the goal of Raphael Guerreiro minutes from 44 minutes but took "Eagle" Italy fixed a 1-1 draw when Ciro Immobile scored on a penalty penalty 67 minutes.

Even so, 1 point at home has helped Dortmund has 10 points and still leads the table F. Lazio ranked 2nd with 9 points, while Club Brugge ranked 3rd with 7 points, and Zenit Saint Petersburg folded the board with only 1 point. Dortmund is over Club Brugge for confrontation (winning and turns on the same score of 3-0) so the team of Lucien Favre has a ticket to continue early before a match.

Currently, 9/16 teams have soon won the tickets for 1/8 in the Champions League this season. It is Bayern Munich (Best Table A), Man City (Best Table C), Porto (Second Table C), Liverpool (Best Table D), Chelsea (Best Table E), Sevilla (Second Table E), Dortmund (Maybe Most or second Table f), Barcelona and Juventus (maybe most or second place G).

Currently, Real Madrid and MU, 2 former Europeans are having trouble trying to take a ticket after the bitter failures in the last round of the table round. Even so that Real in Table B, MU in Table H still has self-determination. The shocking scenario is still the fact that this two "giants" are eliminated immediately after the end of the next round of the week.