Tottenham defender Sergio Reguilon had the share of teammate Gareth Bale. Last summer, Gareth Bale Tottenham recruited on loan from Real Madrid. Sergio Reguilon main dock and the London club from team Spanish royal before so he understands his teammate.

Revealing the future of Bale: Stay Tottenham or Real Madrid
Reguilon Bale's former teammate at Real Madrid (Image Source: Internet)

Reguilon Bale's former teammate at Real Madrid

When asked whether Tottenham Gareth Bale will stay or return to Real Madrid on loan maturity, the Spanish defender has shared quite frankly. "He looks a lot different," Reguilon begin to Onda Cero interview.

"Language is everything to him. Bale speak good Spanish, which is not bad, a bit like me in English, but how to communicate and habits he has become happier back English "Tottenham defender sharing.

"I do not know if he'll return to Real Madrid or not, but things have said it all" - revealed the future groundwater Reguilon of Bale. Reguilon has noticed a difference in the demeanor of Bale, Wales star thing does not have to play in Madrid.

Bale is said to be very happy to return to Tottenham

In the summer transfer window last season, Real Madrid had earlier planned to push Bale to another team when the midfielder's salary is too high salary fund this team negatively affected. With the contract of longer duration Bale to end in 2022, the Spurs will win the services of midfielder on loan 31 years.

There have been suggestions that Tottenham could renew loan deal Bale added another season, before he became a free agent and it is an appropriate time for this team wholly owned stars Wales. Jose Mourinho proved quite liked the play of midfielder Bale and he regarded this as an important factor in Tottenham this season.