Sir Alex Ferguson has always been known as an extremely bad temper management career at MU coaches. Style "hair dryer" His well known from here, the way that Fergie fulminatory players like sneezing wind in their faces. The legendary strategist Scotland played against a lot of team spirit in this way, and since then has been very great respect within the team.

Revealing 4 Manchester United legend Sir Alex has never had a
Sir Alex always makes the fans must respect (Image Source: Internet)

Sir Alex always makes the fans must respect

One of the outstanding pupils of Sir Alex is a former midfielder Ryan Giggs recently shared only 4 players Manchester United have never been Sir Alex yelling in a "Hair" during their career at Old Trafford. "There are four players that he has never harshly. The first is Cantona, Bryan Robson then, Roy Keane and Cristiano Ronaldo. Very personal ways, they are the champions ", Giggs shared with Bein Sports.

"They do a lot of things on the football pitch, so he saw no need to do so. About Eric instance, the battle he did not do anything. Do not score, do not chase the ball like Tevez or Wayne Rooney, not to create any impact.

"But he knew what style he can do something. We sat in the locker room and think how he is shouting at him, he had to give him a ball, because today he is not doing anything out of all. Yet nothing happened.

"But the next week or is he scoring or creating a moment of magic somehow, that just said that he ruled the big players really well as long as they do something on the field , he treated them in a different way.

Cantona was not even eat kung-fu scolded after the famous shot in the chest a Crystal Palace supporter in a 1-1 draw at Selhurst Park of Manchester United in 1995. According to the former midfielder Lee Sharpe, Sir Alex frustrating about losing points than that event: "Mug and flying discs in the dressing room." Incidentally, when talking about the red card Cantona - then the sentence suspended for 9 months - Sir Alex again used a surprisingly low tone: "Eric, you can not act like that is where ...".

In a different share, Giggs said he had been very close to the split MU at the end of 2003/04. "I started the season in which not do well. The summer was David Beckham's departure, there was a time when I thought the most about leaving. Performer of me wrong, and I have to play translated into center a bit, no longer flying in the wings.

"I lost speed. Even so I ended that season with good mood, if not, no one knows. Besides, one of the reasons for me to continue as coach never said that I play or not. " If Giggs left off in 2004, perhaps he has missed many other noble titles with Manchester United.

Should know, legendary Wales has added 4 championship Premier League, League Cup and 1 1 Champions League in the coming years. A total of his career, Giggs has 13 Premier League championships, three FA Cups, 2 Champions League before hanging up his boots at the age of 40 in 2014.