After the last match of the last night round, UEFA found 16 representatives in the first 1/8 Champions League to be held in February & March 3/2021. 16 Teams will be divided into 2 groups to identify matches, a group of top teams.

Revealing 16 He Hao in 1/8 Cup C1: Barca faced 6 pairs of
16 clubs will play round 1/8 Champions League (source: Internet)

16 clubs will play round 1/8 Champions League

The drawing ceremony of the 1/8 Champions League round will take place at 18:00 on December 14. As a rule, in the first round of the clubs in the same country or the same Fair, the clubs met in the group stage, will not meet in this round. The second team will kick the yard in the first 16-17 and 23-24 / 2, the top teams will be played at home in the first leg on October 9 and July 16-17.

This means that Bayern, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City or PSG confronts Lionel Messi Barcelona, ​​because Barca has fallen into the group of second teams. In addition Atletico Madrid also stood in the second group and they could meet other representatives except Bayern Munich.

The pairs will kick in two matches and in case the two teams are granted about the total ratio, the goal of the passage goal will be applied. If the two teams are equal to the number of away goals, they will kick the extra time, and in the Frequent Foundation of the passenger goal is still applied. If there is no goal in the extra time, the match will be delineated by the penalty shootout.

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