In 2009, Chelsea were denied the right to go to the final of the Champions League after their second consecutive impressive lousy whistle of the referee Tom Henning Øvrebø. "King black" is constantly making decisions detrimental to Chelsea, then "The Blues" was Barca equalize 1-1 in the final minute of stoppage time after a 0-0 draw in the match turn the Nou Camp, which dropped the rematch MU ticket.

Revealed shocking about the battle
Drogba used slanderous words referee Ovrebo (Image Source: Internet)

Drogba used slanderous words referee Ovrebo

Repercussion of this match is still very "hot" in more than 10 years. Recently, the Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink when it has made shocking remarks on Ziggo Sport: "The referee's whistle took me by surprise, because in the past he has shown very good. Is it susceptible worst match I ever witnessed not it? I think so."

"This is the only time in my career coaches feel the game could have been as high," Hiddink said. Dutch national strategy for that reason may be because UEFA does not want an all-English final for the second consecutive time, by Chelsea and Manchester United were fighting with each other in the final season before.

Two years ago, the referee Ovrebo also admitted in The Sun that he had made serious mistakes in that game. Ovrebo, currently working in psychology in Oslo (Norway), has refused to 4 11m Chelsea result in that game, Andres Iniesta before scoring in the 90th minute to help Barca go forward +4. In the final round then, "Blaugrana" also beat Manchester United to the championship.

After the match, the referee Norwegians had to receive numerous death threats from Chelsea fans extremists, Michael Ballack and Didier Drogba had harsh rhetoric directed at Ovrebo, especially Drogba. "Forest elephants" then had to get 5 match ban project at the European Cup.

Ovrebo said: "I am satisfied with 95% of its decisions in that game, but there are few decisions are not made correctly, including a situation handball penalty should have blown. I agree with the notion that the referee in the game that is not good ".