Chelsea are the most daring investors this summer in the Premiership. Stamford Bridge team spent more than 200 million euros to bring in more new faces 7. Latest Kai Havertz, transfer record for the Club moved from Leverkusen when consuming more than 90 million euros Chelsea.

Region 222 million euros Chelsea Shopping: Why Frank Lampard easily fired?
Kai Havertz the 7th rookie Chelsea this summer (Image Source: Internet)

Kai Havertz the 7th rookie Chelsea this summer

Chelsea fans will be happy, but there is a growing concern, that coach Frank Lampard, whose duties include "ship" Chelsea back to the championship race Premiership this season after the additions quality. Last season, the English teacher does not bear this pressure by Chelsea's young players and he has no experience in the highest leagues of England.

However, the look of grave tone as well as the leadership team this year will be different. The problem is Frank Lampard is no time to work as well as the squad assembled. Currently, the English teacher is not enough troops Premiership despite a week away is started.

9 members of the team are isolated because Covid-19. Thiago Silva, rookie 0 Chelsea Council also could not train with the team because of the same reason, while Hakim Ziyech knee injury in a friendly against Brighton and easy to miss the first few games of the season. Ben Chillwell are also separate volume while some other players are performing the tasks in the national team.

According to The Telegraph, the only Chelsea player to concentrate fully at the club on Thursday (10/9), ie only five days before they kick round 1 Premiership. No time for players looking for return to form as well as physical recovery, time to Lampard assembled squad with many new pieces did not have. The last practice game does not mean much by nature friendly and powerful opponents nor nothing.

Lampard are in the hands of a consortium difficult problem

British teacher may still use the older factors. However, this is a risky thing else, the young talent of Chelsea last season as Tammy Abraham, Hudson Odoi or both Mount Mason are ineffective play at the end of last season. "The Blues" will hit Liverpool in round 2 (22h30, 20/9), and with a team that is a beginning not all bad could create a domino effect throughout the season.

These are problems that need to be Lampard in a short time. Not always integrate recruits immediately and not wait for the opponent to whom. Sometimes, too much disturbance as Chelsea last summer is not a good thing, especially for the team's coach.

Lampard is evaluated as a potential strategist and wait and see he will handle this conundrum is. Not handled well, the combination of Lampard at Chelsea will come very quickly. Conversely, the glory will come to master English if help Chelsea achieve certain success this season.