Pressure on "Red Devils" shoulders

With many big teams, the Champions League only goes through the first stage. With MU, the match "finals" come to them a lot sooner. Because of tomorrow morning, the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will enter the final match round with Leipzig, in a match that they lost to be immediately exiled to Europa League.

Rashford (left) has a hat-trick set into Leipzig

With 9 points with the same as Leipzig plus 5-0 victory in the first leg, MU only need to draw in this match will take a ticket to continue. The task of hearing is not too hard, but to take 1 point on German soil, it is extremely difficult.

Just look at the way "Red Devils" to waste his chance in the match against PSG in the 5th hit is enough to understand. That battle, MU only needed 1 point, but then they lost 1-3.

Meanwhile, Leipzig with a home-yard fulcrum promises to attack the full force to defeat the British Representative at all costs. Before the big battle, "Red Devils" have reputation and experience. But at the moment, they are not too superior to Leipzig, when the landlord has entered the Champions League last season.

Under the direction of the young man's director Julian Nagelsmann, "cows" are a collective playing the flaming fire, devoting but also equally effective. The evidence was just recently, in the Bundesliga round 3 days ago, Leipzig made Bayern Munich giant right in the early Allianz to win a 3-3 draw, in which Leipzig was the team twice Lead "gray lobster".

In the first leg, MU creates a big surprise for the opponent with a five-0 win over Old Trafford. However, 2 loses Istanbul Basaksehir and PSG recently made that bold victory become meaningless. This match, only MU lost 0-1 they still suffered as usual. Therefore, a toward a draw is not easy with teachers of Coach Solskjaer.

Wait for the British team

But anyway MU still has many advantages, and they have strong points to be ready for challenges. Simply want to advance in this prestigious arena, MU needs to step through the lines of death, it is necessary to show a large team of a large team.

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MU (red shirt) needs to prove to LEPZIG before Leipzig (Photo source: Internet)

MU (red shirt) needs to prove to Leipzig

And don't forget the battle advantage they have in hand. In the context of Leipzig's landlord forced to rise the squad, the teacher "Solsa" will have many opportunities to deploy sharp counterpart. This is a tactic that has helped them win 2-1 on PSG yard as well as before many other big teams.

This season, MU's ability to kick away is impressive when they win 8/9 matches. Recently, how "Red Devils" showed how excellent football capabilities are when upstream of winning 3-1 on West Ham. In addition, this British team is not afraid to make guests in Germany when they win 5, Hoa 4 and lose 6 in 15 times in the past.

At Leipzig, they won all 7 home matches this season, including 2-1 victory when receiving PSG. Last season, "cows" once defeated Tottenham 3-0 in this round or this season won two matches when receiving PSG and Basaksehir. Wideening, under Nagelsmann from last season, Leipzig won 16, Hoa 9 and only lost 3 home matches. Dortmund, Lyon and Schalke are 3 rare teams left Red Bull Arena with full 3 points.

However, the home team's forces are seriously chipped, due to a series of pillars because of injury and penalty cards. The suspended UptaMecano midfielder caused Leipzig's crafts to pay for Leipzig to pay, especially when MU confrontation was sharp in counterattack.

Prediction: Leipzig 1-2 MU

Probable teams

RB Leipzig: Gulacsi, Mukiele, Konate, Halstenberg, Angelino, Sabitzer, Kampl, Forsberg, Haidara, Poulsen, Dani Olmo.

MU: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Telles, Matic, Van de Beek, Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Rashford, Greenwood.