The future of coach Zinedine Zidane suddenly become theme recent whispers when the media reported he had conversations with representatives of Juventus to discuss the possibility of a takeover of Turin replace Maurizio Sarri. This incident took place "behind" Real Madrid and so the Royal team expressed dissatisfaction with both Juventus and Zidane.

Real warn Zidane
Zidane was press released information "meetings" with Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

Zidane was press released information "lobby" for Juventus

President Florentino Perez is known of the real owners will soon have a frank conversation with Zidane to clarify his commitment to the club. Magnate build trust Zizou and given full rights to him during the summer transfer window in 2019, so that would be a disappointment if Zidane decided to abandon "Los Blancos" when the reconstruction team is unfinished.

Madrid newspaper AS has also recently said that although did not want to break up Zidane, Perez was prepared for the worst, with a replacement ready. That is the legend Raul Gonzalez, a monument of the club and currently lead the team in the Segunda B. Castilla

Recovery in 2018, Raul has returned to Real in his capacity as U15 coach, and he was promoted to lead the team for the season 2019/20 Castilla. After starting the season as standard with 3 wins, 5 draw and 5 lost in 13 first round, Castilla has improved in terms of performance and shows how the team plans playoff promoted 5 points before the season was delayed because of translation Covid -19.

Real warn Zidane
Raul Gonzalez is leading the team Castilla (Image Source: Internet)

Raul Gonzalez is leading the team Castilla

Season has seen many signs that Raul has military prowess, he nearly helped Real upstream 11/2019 month after being led 0-3 first half before losing the final 2-4 in the final minutes, and 5 rounds in Segunda B closest Castilla team won 3 Air 1. ability to manage volatility led forces Raul received many compliments, because many of his players or put on ice for the first or borrow.

Raul Real leadership is considered a future heir to Zidane, but not want him to take over this position too early. However, if circumstances Zidane decided to quit the club happened, president Perez likely given "hot seat" for Raul.