Class performances of Kylian Mbappe in PSG shirt color

Sheet AS (Spain) recently reported that Real Madrid are contacting Kylian Mbappe to persuade the striker to leave PSG. Stars born in 1998 is considered the most goals the team's new Spanish royal coaches in the context of Zinedine Zidane are keen to find a name "heavyweight" to rebuild his empire.

Real want to explode
Mbappe whether to join Real Madrid as Ronaldo idol? (Image Source: Internet)

Mbappe whether to join Real Madrid as Ronaldo idol?

The reason Real Madrid recruit Mbappe determination comes from the French star can play and potential superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo ever shine in coat color and peaked MU career at Real Madrid. The hosts Mbappe Bernabeu will expect further steps from the man his image to become one of the important names Real help create a new era.

Recently, the former captain of Real Madrid defender Fabio Cannavaro has celebrated the share of Kylian Mbappe. Former legendary world football insisted Real would be so much effort if you want to gain the services of striker payroll PSG by a team of Paris is not short of money, and they each spent amount tremendous to put Mbappe of Ligue 1.

"Real Madrid now need players like Mbappe, a young star can follow in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo. It's great to Real asked for him. However, the team of Madrid need to consider the owners of PSG there is a lot of money "- the coach of Guangzhou Evergrande current share on newspaper AS.

"Real have ambition and wanted to Champions League. I think the deal recruit Mbappe is very difficult. PSG will use all means to retain Mbappe by financial capabilities staggering, but Real should do our best to wait for the results from this goal "- Fabio Cannavaro confirmed.

Real want to explode
Real want to turn into a new symbol Mbappe at the Bernabeu (Image Source: Internet)

Real want to turn into a new symbol Mbappe at the Bernabeu

Mbappe old teacher, who took him to PSG from Arsenal, Unai Emery has also voiced admits Real Madrid could bring this striker glory that PSG is difficult to do. Former Arsenal captain also recommend Mbappe should consider a new career berth, especially as many "big" Europe is pursuing vigorously former Monaco striker.

As for Real Madrid, they probably are in nostalgia and obsession Ronaldo glorious past. Icon Cristiano Ronaldo has a somewhat affect the determination of the representative recruited Mbappe La Liga. It is important that you really want to reach Mbappe Games to become a Ronaldo Monday or not. Remember, it's early idol was Ronaldo Mbappe.