In the context of transfer Jadon Sancho is stalled, the name of Gareth Bale is widely given to help Manchester United to find a solution to the problem of public goods. With the current situation at Real Madrid, Bale is reportedly no place in this team when the new season starts.

Real want to
Solskjaer coach suggested considering the case of Gareth Bale (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer coach suggested considering the case of Gareth Bale

Manchester United chief executive, Ed Woodward are urgently looking for a winger on the transfer market. The first objective that "Reds" is aimed at the Dortmund star midfielder Sancho Jadon. However, negotiations between the two sides have stalled and MU and Dortmund were unable to find a common voice on the transfer fee.

German team ever request MU husband full amount of £ 100 to win the services of the Bundesliga's top stars. Conversely, Ed Woodward still hold the view that MU does not lack money, but will not spend money to recruit a large following players translate Covid-19 season.

Real want to
Wales star who once sought goal of MU (Image Source: Internet)

Wales star was the target of MU Sought

Some alternatives Sancho was given to consider include: Ousmane Dembele of Barcelona, ​​Kingsley Coman Bayern Munich or Juventus Douglas Costa. However, all is still only conjecture as "Reds" proved to be extremely focused to deal Sancho.

Still, Athletic sheet still reveal an extremely important information, such as the "big boss" of MU, Mr. Ed Woodward is a fan midfielder Gareth Bale from when he was at Tottenham star. In the past, MU been in very close but the last Bale, Wales midfielder has chosen Madrid as the landing place in his career.

Real want to
Bale has no future at Real Madrid (Image Source: Internet)

Bale has no future at Real Madrid

This is the moment Gareth Bale is deep conflict erupted with Zinedine Zidane head coach. A disappointing season Bale has been shown in the fact that he did not came on the game field in most of the matches of Real Madrid.

Recently, Bale has refused to England and Real Madrid in the return leg of the Champions League with Manchester City 1/8. The reason given was the star predicted that his 31 years not to play at the Etihad. Zinedine Zidane coach also refused to talk about Bale and only confirmed the player "does not want to play for Real again."

Real want to
Midfielder 31 may become contingency plans to deal Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

Midfielder 31 may become contingency plans to deal Sancho

Even pictures Bale sticks carrying the golf course of the day Real Madrid's defeat against Manchester City has been uncovered. The midfielder then had suffered a backlash from fans royal team Spain. Football experts Spain, Alvaro Montero has unexpectedly voiced former star revealed Tottenham are keen to return to the Premier League.

"We need to know, in 9 closest match in La Liga, coach Zinedine Zidane only for Gareth Bale came true 1 matches. A year ago, I was in Washington with Zidane, he said bluntly that Bale should leave immediately is good for the players.

Currently he does not want to come to China. Bale just want to return to the Premier League, but his wages will be a problem with any other club in England, "he said on SkySports Alvaro Montero split.

With the current situation, Real Madrid certainly are keen to sell as quickly as possible "heirs" named Gareth Bale. Meanwhile, the transfer value of the star will not have too big problem with MU if the "Reds" wants to recruit former Premiership star. Article hosts Old Trafford will now need to consider is the current salary of Bale. Real midfielder born in 1989 is 15 million euro salary / season.