The purification of the "bosses" Perez

Summer 2019, Real Madrid is the best team spent violence. The total amount that President Florentino Pérez has spent 303 million euros to the Bernabeu to take 5 recruits. This summer 2020, Real may also spend more bold.

Real thrown back into the street:
Real may purify the market forces in the summer session in 2020 (Image Source: Internet)

Real may purify force in summer 2020 fair

Bought it to sell, now have a lot of stars, even the "big brother" of Real Madrid in the liquidation of President Florentino Pérez. According to the Spanish press, "bosses" Perez will "to hand" with the players was judged no longer able to contribute, or ideological issues.

Topping the "black list" of President Perez, Sergio Ramos is evident. Long blocks from the contradiction between people with the supreme power in the Real midfielder Ramos has revealed. This capital has been simmering long, and only thanks to the epidemic subsided Covid-19.

Still according to Marca, even Luka Modric Golden Ball 2018 are at risk of being sold. The reason is because the midfielder is about to turn 35, and is declining markedly. If you can recruit Pogba or Savic, Real will not hesitate to get rid of Modric from the Bernabeu as the way did with Sneijder.

And, of course, can not fail to mention the name of Gareth Bale. Welsh superstar is enjoying the highest salary at Real Madrid this time - 400 000 euros / week, more than any other star. Meanwhile, Bale has long been no longer in the plans of the coach's use Zidane.

Two other cases at risk of being sold in the markets Real summer 2020, it is striker Mariano Diaz Diaz and midfielder Brahim. Striker Diaz salary before tax is 8 million euros and this season only to play 65 minutes. Brahim Diaz youngster paid 7 million euros / season is also in liquidation.

Because pandemic Covid-19, the Real players being loaned may be narrow road on the Bernabeu. Odriozola are Bayern and received a salary of 3.5 million euros / year, Dani Ceballos at Arsenal is 6 million euros / year and Jesus Vallejo is 4 million euros / year.

Do not forget nightmare

The massive purifying nature may result Real Madrid have a grudge. Remember in the summer of 2009, "white vultures" pushed to 15 players - a really great purge of President Perez with players whose predecessor brought Calderon.

Real thrown back into the street:
Real repeatedly grudge because selling stars (Image Source: Internet)

Real repeatedly grudge because selling stars

Among these are the real star in his position, especially "The Flying Dutchman" as Robben, Sneijder, Van Nistelrooy, Huntelaar ... But selling many superstars, but the money that Real earned while it is very affordable.

Altogether 15 players he helped Real get back only 88 million euros, still less the value of Ronaldo alone. Meanwhile, they lose the real star quality, especially with Wesley Sneijder and duo Arjen Robben. And then, the duo released the Dutch star slap in the face excruciating President Perez.

Champions League final 2009/10 season was held in the Bernabeu. Army Group consisting of superstars "blockbuster" of Real Madrid from within 1/8 stop. Meanwhile, Sneijder and Robben shines bright in color shirt Inter Milan and Bayern Munich.

Robben and Sneijder became the second ship to this team to the finals, together again Bernabeu with hero status. Here forever as one of the pain will never forget with president Florentino Perez own over all the past decade.