Real Madrid finished a spectacular season so this year. Once again La Liga, Real Madrid won 10 consecutive matches that Barcelona have to succumb to heart for admiration.

Real throne: Appalled
Teachers and students Zidane 2019/20 La Liga season (Image Source: Internet)

Teachers and students Zidane 2019/20 La Liga season

From Barcelona were ahead 2 points gap, "white vultures" tape climbed to No. 1 after opponents repeatedly stumble.

In round 37 match, Real excellence lowered to the throne soon Villarreal 1 round. This result can help the team Royal Coronation 34th in La Liga and create a gap of 7 points compared to Barcelona. Another thing one can hardly imagine before the season back.

Real throne: Appalled
Barcelona is Real outstripped (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona is Real outstrips

Crowned with the 2019/20 La Liga season, Real Madrid extend championship tournament record most attractive country over bullfighting figure 34, far higher drama Barca 8 champion titles.

This is the La Liga championship 2nd Real since 2017 until now and it's all coming under coach Zidane, who joined Madrid club record 11th title in his capacity as head coach.

In addition to 2 La Liga championship, he and Real Conquer 3 Champions League, 2 European Super Cup, Club World Cup and two Super Cups Spain 2.

Real throne: Appalled
Zidane took home 11 trophies with Real (Image Source: Internet)

Zidane took home 11 trophies with Real

Meanwhile, the spirit of Real Madrid also achieved notable milestones. Namely Karim Benzema striker has a total of 248 goals in 511 matches with a total 19 titles were acquired. Also with Ramos and Marcelo, the two players to stick with Real from 2007 to now has 22 titles.

Another strange thing is the case Gareth Bale though did not play a single minute in the 5 recent games of Los Blancos, and Regular Expressions strange on the bench still honored lifted the trophy history, along with team ball.

Real throne: Appalled
Real celebrate La Liga championship 34th in history (Image Source: Internet)

Real celebrate La Liga championship 34th in history

But probably this is one of the last remaining Welsh star with Real raising titles. Because lately, everyone knows Bale was no longer in the plans of Zidane.

Real throne: Appalled
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