Than witnessed the students who were sold by the Shakhtar Donetsk's team on the field, but Coach Zinedine Zidane still stiffened into the press conference room. After the match, the French military was optimistic and announced it would not resign: "I still feel strong and will continue to dedicate as usual."

Real risk of C1 Cup: Zidane did not resign,
Zidane coach is at risk of being fired right after the loss of Shakhtar (Photo source: Internet)

Zidane coach is at risk of being fired immediately after Shakhtar loss

But there is a fact that Real is facing too large risks will be eliminated from the Champions League group. According to statistics, the last time the Spanish Royal team is not present in the Champions League knock-out round as a 1996/97 season. At La Liga 1995/96 campaign, Real ranked 6th, so they did not attend the highest tournament in Europe at the 1996/97 season.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid has never been eliminated in the Champions League group stage when this tournament changes the form and name since 1992. So after the historical championship championship for Real, coach Zidane Now there is a risk of becoming a "historical sinner" of the team.

Real Madrid will welcome Borussia Monchengladbach in the last match (December 10) at the Champions League group. If they lose in that match, they will be eliminated.

The problem, it seems that President Florentino Perez will not give coach Zidane the opportunity to correct the last round of the group stage, but willing to fire if the "white vulture" loses Sevilla in La Liga this weekend ( 22h15 On December 5, Hanoi Hours).

Having a very clear reality is that Zidane's return trip was unsuccessful as expected, even though it was still bringing Real Madrid La Liga title 2019/20. Spanish football professionals acknowledge that the resounding success of "Zizou" in the first term has a large imprint of Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

And now when Real is not Ronaldo, Zidane also becomes "out of permission". That's why Real Madrid needs to go to Mauricio Pochettino, a very well-founded person as well as plays the qualities of the players, raising them on the new star of the football world as a Tottenham.

The source of the Marca said that the contact between the President Florentino Perez with the representative of coach Mauricio Pochettino was silently taking place. The Argentine holder may sit in the hot seat of the Bernabeu team on Sunday, December 6, if Real collapses on Sevilla's pitch 1 day earlier.