In the "marriage" second with Zidane, Florentino Perez Chairman did everything to strategist French happiest. Remember within 2 weeks of the beginning of the summer fair in 2019, Real Madrid has one series rookie. That's Luka Jović (60 million euros), Eden Hazard (100 million euros), Eder Militao (50 million euros) and Rodrygo (40 million euros).

Real rid of 15 players: Coming out the black list of
President Perez (Image Source: Internet)

President Perez

With rookie form and quality sufficient stature "blockbuster", all are optimistic believe Real Madrid will easily acquire 2019/20 La Liga title. However, after the revaluation trophy Zidane has won the teachers and students, people only see 303 million euros of Perez thrown into the transfer market to how much nonsense.

Because after all, only the talents of the French strategist with experience of the stars for a while as Modric, Ramos, Kroos, Marcelo ... is what decides success or failure to the championship title. Many people still buy it largely impossible to achieve talent guilty part belongs Chairman Royal team.

According to the Diario Gol, "bosses," the White House has realized the mistakes and intends to implement a new personnel revolution in summer 2020. It will include about 15 names and numbers must go fate of many people even have been predicted.

Specifically, the cleanup work will begin with the case of Gareth Bale. Wales players under contract with Real until 2022 but are no longer in the plan Zidane. Because of this, Real are looking to release Bale to players soon found a new parking facilities.

The next name is James Rodriguez, Real did not expect to earn some money in this deal but they still want to have an early negotiations aimed at finding a way out for both.

The source also said, among a list of names excluded Zidane did not say exactly on the sale or loan. So these cases areola, Dani Ceballos, Borja Mayoral and Mariano Díaz can not know the fate of the future will bring.

Real rid of 15 players: Coming out the black list of
Bale & James will go first (Image Source: Internet)

Bale & James will go first

2 The next case in the list include Luka Jović and Isco. If Jović is compared with the results "spray bombs" at the Bernabeu, the Isco are awaiting the invitation in the Premiership. At this time, still want to sell players Real Spain for more than 50 million euros. Similar is the case Isco Vázquez, Brahim Odriozola Álvaro Díaz and also to find a new berth and Real are directly available phone to wait for suggestions.

Finally the name Sergio Reguilon 4, Take Kubo, Óscar Rodríguez and Reinier are still being considered. If no progress, Real can still planned to take the player on loan.