Real Madrid had an unusual summer. Translation Covid-19 makes this rich club decided to impose restrictive policies to buy players, they have a summer without adding significant one and even willing to remove some excess leave.

Real quiet stupor transfer, incubation large plot Mbappe & Haaland pick next year
Real Madrid for the first time after 40 years with a new military does not recruit summer (Image Source: Internet)

Real Madrid for the first time after 40 years there is a new recruit summer not

1980 was the year that Real Madrid did not buy a single player on and that is the period they are faltering domestic accomplishments but that season (1980/81) has reached the European Cup final C1. After 40 years of the new Real has a summer not welcome new players, instead just put Martin Ødegaard, Alvaro Odriozola and Andriy Lunin back after the loan period.

According to Marca, Real Madrid have a total savings of 200 million euros in 2020 to this. They have cut personnel in the team, at the end of the season is 37 to 24 people who time. Real have earned about 111 million euros from the sale of players of team B and the youth team, saving 40 million euros from the salaries of Gareth Bale & James Rodriguez and about 50 million euros from cutting wages of players 1 and loan fees.

But the dormant savings and this Real Madrid is just to wait, because no one believed that they would do the same thing next year though Covid-19 is available or not. Real's big plan is very clear, that they will pick Mbappe Kylian, Erling Haaland and Eduardo Camavinga the Bernabeu to latch frame powerful lineup serving the goals title.

The trio Mbappe - Haaland - Camavinga the focus of Real Madrid Summer 2021

Mbappe and Camavinga almost have clarified joined Real intentions, especially Mbappe refusing to renew the contract maturing in 2022 with PSG. Haaland's case is more difficult, if not negotiated, then wait to Real could be 2022, the year the expected terms of liquidation of 75 million euros of his contract will be effective.

Not only 3 players on, 2021 is a promising year for Real by market will also have many other players of similar quality. Although there are rumors also interested Jadon Real Sancho, but the team will focus on the Royal positions need to buy in advance and it will open up opportunities for Gerard Moreno, Jules Kounde Dayot Upamecano or accession.

Such can be said is "Los Blancos" are a hidden summer to readying the most dangerous blow finger on the market next year. If successful with the deal "dream", a successful reign promises to open up for Real Madrid.