After nearly 15 years of the Royal team jacket, Sergio Ramos is going to end at the age of 34. road Above all, President Florentino Pérez understood it was time to break up the contract he returned in the summer of 2005 with 27 million euros price.

Real originating surprised
President Perez will go to Ramos (Image Source: Internet)

President Perez will go to Ramos

But of course Real Madrid will not rush "break ties" with Ramos right in summer 2020. Because over the years he was the captain, the legendary team and contributed to the 20 trophies of Real, the most significant of which has 4 Champions League and four La Liga.

Even so, President Perez still plans to refresh defense in recent years. Ferland added after Mendy in summer last year, the name was recently the Spanish press speculation linked "white vultures" is Dayot Upamecano (Leipzig).

However, Zidane famous coach is a perfectionist. He wanted a new leader in defense and worthy substitute Sergio Ramos positions leave. And in an effort to select the most suitable person, Real were targeting Virgil van Dijk.

According to the Diario Gol, Real has long been a defender of lust "Kop". Liverpool midfielder captain with the shadow of a top leader, playing solid, superior tactical perspective and ensures absolute certainty where the rears.

The main style high stability of Virgil van Dijk Liverpool and 2018/19 Champions League earlier touching 2019/20 Premier League throne. Therefore, coach Zidane was soon considered as the perfect replacement for Sergio Ramos as these are the two players have very similar qualities.

If President Perez put our minds in this deal, they will make Liverpool have tremor. Cause because this is the most precious star was owned Anfield in recent years. Coach Jürgen Klopp Further still have long-term plans with the most outstanding center-existing world.

Real originating surprised
Ramos left, Van Dijk filling seats (Image Source: Internet)

Ramos left, Van Dijk filling seats

In the past, Liverpool who spent amount of up to 85 million euros to bring about Van Dijk. So Real Madrid can amount spent no less than 100 million euros will be for sure. However, "bosses" Perez can fully pay any amount just to humor Zinedine Zidane whether it's buying the most expensive midfielder of all time.