Ronaldo wants to put Di Maria in Turin

Whether it's to pay wages 31 million euros / season for Cristiano Ronaldo, there is the fact that Juventus not want to lose the Portuguese superstar. At age 35, CR7 is still very useful for the Turin club, in all aspects as economic and professional contributions.

Real old people reunion at Juventus: Ronaldo wants to Di Maria, built faction
Ronaldo wants to put Di Maria on Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo wants to put Di Maria on Juventus

Thus, according to sources of The Juventus FC, Juventus executives are trying to enchant Ronaldo by meeting the requirements for the transfer of the Portuguese superstar. Accordingly, CR7're reunited with former teammate Angel di Maria in Allianz.

Angel di Maria to Real Madrid in 2010, after Ronaldo 1 year. 4 years together in dedication to the team Imperial Spain, Ronaldo and Di Maria are close allies. Real Madrid scout when Gareth Bale and then get rid of Di Maria to Manchester United summer 2014, Ronaldo has always maintained relationships with friends Argentine star.

Later, when Di Maria has officially joined Manchester United, he bravely for Ronaldo to thank sincerely: "In truth, I have a relationship friends very close to Ronaldo and that is why I decided Madrid to stay one year ago to thank him. Therefore, I can break up the most amazing real way to help the team complete Decima owl ".

Meanwhile, Ronaldo did not hesitate to criticize President Florentino Perez since sold two star Angel di Maria and Mesut Ozil: "If I am right, I will not let things happen like that. But if the president thought it was the best policy for the transfer of the team, you have to respect and support him. "

The coincidence of the old Real

This is also the reason for Cristiano Ronaldo urged leaders Juventus in Turin gave Angel di Maria. At age 32, the Argentine star who still play at a very high level. Last season, he contributed vitally important achievements in the Champions League final at PSG.

Even if France champion owns two superstars Neymar Junior and Kylian Mbappe expensive than 400 million euros, Di Maria still playing at level par. The "blockbuster" later PSG were unable to win a place of Di Maria, from Draxler, Sarabia, Icardi or youngsters as Coman, Nkunku must also enable park.

Juventus is a former Real player, like Ronaldo and Morata

Currently, Di Maria is in the final year of a contract with PSG. If Juventus came and made a reasonable proposal, the Argentine star who can fully join the "Old Lady" for free in the summer of 2021. And obviously this is a significant enhancement to Juventus, the ambition to conquer the Champions League.

In the current Juventus, who had three players each on the payroll of Real Madrid. It is Cristiano Ronaldo, Sami Khedira and the latest Álvaro Morata. In which, after many years of dedication Khedira, now no longer meaningful for Pirlo's side again. Morata was just back in the loan contract, and Juventus have not enabled buyout clause.

If Di Maria, besides the Marcelo and Modric Juventus will own promises many players who played an important role in Real Madrid squad. And this is also the same team that brought Ronaldo war years. They are expected to create a better launch pad than the Juventus player who is, help CR7 shine brightly as the period remaining on the payroll Real.