In 2009, the transfer from MU century Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid a success. Then "Reds" were satisfied with the amount of 80 million pounds, while Real excitement with "blockbuster" most epic time.

Real not sell Bale, Reguilon for MU: Deliberation
Ronaldo launches Real (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo Real debut

Later Real Madrid Ronaldo is still rated as one of the investments most profitable history. By date to the Bernabeu, the Portuguese superstar scored 450 goals for Real, earned 15 trophies, including two Champions League and four La Liga. Business almost a century later, Real, Manchester United will have relationships congenial fellowship.

Unfortunately not, the relationship on the transfer market between Real and Manchester United only get cooler. "White vultures" decided to push away the excess 2 star in the squad including Gareth Bale and Reguilon to the Premiership.

Whether MU leadership was involved, but eventually the new Tottenham team win despite suggestions of two teams is similar. Accordingly, Bale joined Spurs as loan lasts all season. Meanwhile, Sergio Reguilon buyout price is about 27 million pounds. Perhaps MU must also admit defeat as soon thereafter contacted to recruit defenders Porto winger Alex Telles instead Reguilon.

In recent years, Real almost without any deal yet involved MU or vice versa, though there are many transfer rumors around the name Paul Pogba, Álvaro Morata, Toni Kroos, Isco ...

This is in stark contrast compared to the early years of the 2000s when stars MU slave tingle move to the Bernabeu as David Beckham (2003), Van Nistelrooy (2006), Gabriel Heinze (2007) or the most special is still Cristiano Ronaldo (2009).

Fax incident took Real hatred MU?

What other causes both two renowned European team almost "break" on the transfer market? All can start from scratch business fax machine in De Gea. In 2015, Real Madrid has to strive to pursue the Spanish goalkeeper, promising afford him, and De Gea also cause all sorts of pressure to sell its MU.

Real still "hot" De Gea MU after

Eventually the two sides were nearing completion of the deal, an unexpected incident occurs involving ... business fax machines that could not finish. Of course, Real accuses MU deliberately delaying the deal to keep its No. 1 goalkeeper at the club. Meanwhile, the president considers Perez De Gea not buy is one of the biggest failures after holding the position all patronizing "White House".

Perhaps that's why the deal after Chicharito to Real (2014), the Royal team did not want to involve any military recruitment service relating to MU again. And that may explain why Bale and Reguilon London dock and not Old Trafford.