Real Madrid has just had 3 consecutive wins without hitting the net in front of Borussia Sevilla, Monchengladbach and Atletico Madrid helped "white vultures" reaching the 1/8 Champions League and returned to the top 3 teams led La Liga.

Real Madrid's young team recently had just true Khai Hoan in extremely special but also controversial.

The child talent of the U9 Real Madrid team just won 31-0 when he was a guest of Sad Villaverde San Andres in the Football League of Spanish U11

On December 12, the Royal Spain's U9 team had to be a guest of Sad Villaverde San Andres but had a shocking victory with a 31-0 score in the game only lasting 40 minutes at the football tournament U11 Spain before the opponent on Boetticher-F7 (ha). Among them, the Ruben Pulido Jimeno was separately against the home team to 13 goals.

The loss of 31 goals did not remove the U9 Real Madrid visitors to make U9 Sad Villaverde extremely angry. They argue that the rival's training committee must take the main responsibility in directing his players to play in the same way.

After the match, Villaverde had a post on the Twitter Social Network account to show his wrath: "We want to show anger in a situation like this at the young football level. Firstly, Large teams need to use the right sports strategy to avoid such ratios. Second, the Federation (Spanish football) needs to restructure its tournaments ".

As for his part, Real Madrid showed respect for the opponent by not posting the ratio of the past jubilant matches of U9 children on the team's website. Notice only briefly: "Ruben Barrios' team won the match against Villaverde San Andres B."

Real Madrid won 31-0 after 40 minutes: Opposex of crazy, Zidane said about the U11 prize?
Coach Zinedine Zidane holds a peaceful attitude when witnessing the young team of Real Madrid torturing opponents mercilessly (source: Internet)

Coach Zinedine Zidane keeps the mild attitude when he witnessed the young team of Real Madrid torturing opponents mercilessly

Meanwhile, Coach Zinedine Zidane, who was leading Real Madrid's highest professional team shared on his MARCA views after witnessing the U9 of "Los Blancos" to bury Sad Villaverde San Andres 31-0:

"The players are here can play balls, but sometimes unfortunately happened on the field. In order to conceal up to 31 goals, it is a bit ugly, but this is not the tournament that coaches can tell their team that they do not attack the opponent ".

"It's a big problem for the Spanish Football Federation. In basketball, after you gain 50 points before the match stops, you must consider reasonable solutions launched," Zizou said.