Madrid has a quiet summer of 2020 when almost no one besides buying young players welcomed back after a period of lending or borrowed another one and sell those no longer in the plans of the club. The reason is because Covid-19 makes financial uncertainties, but Real will not hold your breath for too long.

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Real questions Mbappe be purchased from PSG in the summer of 2021 (Image Source: Internet)

Real questions Mbappe be purchased from PSG in the summer of 2021

According to the ABC in Spain, Real board of directors recently met to prepare for the planned 2021 summer transfer market even though this year has not yet closed. The reason is because the players they will be very expensive to buy and have a big impact at the club in the future. One of them was Kylian Mbappe, Eduardo Camavinga rest.

Mbappe no stranger to fans and the media are no longer surprised at the rumors contact him with Real. The only problem was the price, but Real have the computing and next summer would be the time they blow: Mbappe will enter the final year of a contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and if he does not renew, the PSG will lost his last chance to sell to regain some money.

Mbappe hours will have to resist before PSG sweet words convince herself extension, the rest will take care Real notes. ABC said that Real will pay PSG maximum of 180 million euros for the champion 2018 World Cup, and if PSG seeks to Real take time, they will give up and to Mbappe expiring contract to sign free with him in summer 2022.

Camavinga will be only 1 year contract with Rennes as market opening summer 2021

Meanwhile Camavinga could take around 40-80 million euros for Real according fierce negotiations to nowhere. Camavinga also in a position like Mbappe, his contract expires in the summer of 2022 and in 2021 Rennes would be no advantage in negotiation if from now until then Camavinga also refused to renew.

Transfer costs for 2 players that will cost up to 260 million euros, but Real were unable to calculate more carefully before planned. Caste Mbappe not need ironing, and 17-year-old Camavinga very powerful and speed makes him an alternative assessment Casemiro enough at Real only in 2-3 years.

According to ABC, Erling Haaland in the plan will not buy players of Real Madrid the following year. 2 main reasons: 1) Buy Mbappe & Camavinga means they will continue to restrict spending no losses; 2) Terms activate the Haaland contract worth 75 million euros to take effect in 2022, while Real will not have to negotiate to Dortmund have a chance, "tight guillotine".