Although just had a very successful season helped Real Madrid reclaim La Liga championship, Zinedine Zidane could still leave the club rumored although rumors are often unfounded. Zidane have a good relationship with Florentino Perez president, the students love and he also contributed to the orientation of the Real squad planning the upcoming season.

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Zidane's future at Real Madrid has been questioned whether both La Liga (Image Source: Internet)

Future of Zidane at Real Madrid still has to be questioned whether La Liga champions

Yet rumors Zidane could one day leave Real has recently been proven to be the basis, but mainly because this is a precautionary distance of the leadership team Royal if a case of legendary French no longer want to continue the work. It stems from a recent interview on the newspaper Marca.

The protagonist of the interview as Julian Nagelsmann coach, who guided the club to Leipzig and will contribute in the Champions League quarter-final confrontation Atletico Madrid. Nagelsmann born in 1987, ie younger than some of his players and lead the young Andrea Pirlo than unexpected newly appointed Juventus coach.

But his track record is very impressive, the former midfielder brought "village club" Hoffenheim from relegation team to win the Champions League tickets and this season helped Leipzig on 3rd destination in the Bundesliga. Naturally Nagelsmann become inviting targets of many big teams, but the German military situation revealed Real Madrid have approached him two years ago.

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Nagelsmann Real revealed he was interested from 2018 (Image Source: Internet)

Nagelsmann Real revealed he was interested from 2018

In an interview to Marca, Nagelsmann said in 2018 he was Real welcome after Zinedine Zidane resigned at the club. "I was a little out of their candidate and that is a pride. I have spoken to sporting director Jose Angel Sanchez", Nagelsmann said.

"We have had discussions over the phone and face to face, but eventually my own refusal decisions. I think that's not the right time to come to Real Madrid. Jose and I decided keep in touch with each other and he said to me if I would look in the future Real Madrid looking for the coach ".

Also in the interview, Nagelsmann talk about upcoming opponents as well as the style of play that he built. "I always want the game fast attack and occupy positioned as soon as possible. To do that I must first have players with agility naturally, but besides that they also have to understand how to play to handle situations instinctively, that it will lead to a faster pace, "commented Nagelsmann.