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Not long ago, Kylian Mbappe shared intention to leave PSG. This means the Paris team will have to sell the French striker next summer if they do not want to lose, "white" expensive signings Monday world football history (166 million pounds). Mutual contract will end in the summer of 2022.

Real have ace Zidane ready Mbappe salary reduction, the Bernabeu bargain?
Kylian Mbappe valuations are highest in the world (Image Source: Internet)

Kylian Mbappe valuations are highest in the world

Compared to 3 years ago, Mbappe even more valuable than what PSG spent. 2018 World Cup champion team mate Neymar pass to become the player with the highest rates in the world. That is the assessment of all the most prestigious reference in the world.

According to the research center of European football (CIES), Mbappe current valuation of about 231 million pounds fall and is the only player to be evaluated price above 200 million pounds. Therefore, PSG will have to make a decision in the summer of next year if not convince Mbappe contract extension

Currently, many sources claim that Manchester United and Liverpool are looking to recruit El Chiringuito Mbappe but the French striker will give priority to Real Madrid because there have Zinedine Zidane.

Former French midfielder is one of the three idols of Mbappe football, the other two are Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo "fat". All three have played for Real Madrid as a player. Zidane is even incumbent coach of the club and that is "resist the lure" for the French striker.

Spanish newspapers reported Mbappe simultaneously willing to Real Madrid for Zidane

Even the source of El Chiringuito said Mbappe want to join Real Madrid to not care about salary. Currently, Mbappe salary is £ 375,000 / week and PSG are recommended new salary of up to £ 600,000 / week in a new contract. It was a message could not be happier for the home side Bernabeu.

Real Madrid has no notable signings in the summer. Press speculation that Covid-19 makes "white vultures" have problems and financial resources required to "internal reforms" before thinking about buying new players. That's what Real Madrid do though because of what.

Currently, PSG does not agree to sell Mbappe any price level. However, things will be different in the summer of next year especially as Real Madrid held "trump card" in this deal Zidane. According to the Spanish press, "white vultures" could buy the French striker at just about 111 million pounds - a price too "bargain" compared to the value of Mbappe.