"Prince," Kroos could leave Real

Toni Kroos turned 30 Sunday 4/1. In an interview with Eurosport answered Monday 15/5, the 2014 World Cup champion said: "I will stay Real in the last 3 years of the contract. Then, at 33, this is an appropriate time for me ask the question for myself: power was, what the motivation was, whether I feel to continue? ".

Real galaxy about to collapse: Kroos gone, footsteps
Kroos could leave Real (Image Source: Internet)

Kroos could leave Real

However, according to El Confidencial newspaper, President Perez probably will not for Toni Kroos contentment. By following the pandemic Covid-19 in, the Bernabeu is considering phasing out the old hash player who gradually declining performance and high wage. Kroos is currently paid to 400,000 euros / week.

For years, the German player is always considered as one of the best central midfielders in the world, with very good technical and tactical vision and creativity has always been maintained at a high level. However, the 2019/20 season, Kroos was itself significant performance decline and many times caused frustration Madridista.

If leave Real Madrid at the moment, Kroos was able to "unsatisfactory" with a collection of the most noble title that a player's dream.

With "white vultures", Kroos owns 12 major titles and small to date, including three Champions League titles, one La Liga titles, two Super Cups Spain, 2 European Super Cup and 4 FIFA Club World Cup.

Success at Bayern Munich, Toni Kroos decided to move to Real Madrid summer of 2014. And now, after having satisfied the title with the hosts Bernabeu, prepare yourself to do Trip Kroos move. Just recently, 30 year old player himself insists he left open the possibility of leaving Real.

The disintegration of the Milky 2.0

Toni Kroos if leave Real Madrid this summer, it could be the prelude to a series of other separations. University plans to build Galacticos president Florentino Perez 3.0 of required site owners for "new blood", and those who belong to the Galacticos 2.0 as Kroos needs to go. And then possibly Modric, Benzema, Marcelo ...

Real galaxy about to collapse: Kroos gone, footsteps
Real's Galacticos 2.0 staging will probably disintegrate after summer 2020 (Image Source: Internet)

Real's Galacticos 2.0 staging may be disbanded after the 2020 Summer

In the summer of 2019, Luka Modric attempts escape but failed. January last stage, turn the vice squad publicly Marcelo wishes to leave Juventus to Real in order to be reunited with close friend Ronaldo. Gareth Bale also always been people in Madrid demanding the neck but not pursue it.

According to the Marca, except for the group of players with indigenous Ramos Carvajal, Nacho, Asensio or Isco, the rest have to half the squad heading foreign players or are considering leaving Real, or in liquidation. Pandemic Covid-19 is also a factor contributing cause for the disintegration of the Galacticos 2.0 faster.

Until now, Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest superstar of staging leave Real Madrid Galacticos 2.0, along with goalkeeper Keylor Navas. But if players like Kroos, Modric, Marcelo, Benzema, Gareth Bale also droves farewell home side Bernabeu, it can be viewed as staging superstar in generation Galacticos 2.0 "white vultures" have been removed.