Real is still in danger of being eliminated before the end, but by the lighter and experience of the No. 1 team in C1 History, Real has easily defeated Monchengladbach 2-0. With this result, the TBN royal team won tickets to the knock-out round with the first position B.

Real exceeded the C1 trophy C1 Cup, Zidane announced it did not want to become Sir Alex Ferguson
Zidane is satisfied with the results that Real achieves (Photo source: Internet)

Zidane was satisfied with the results Real achieved

Speaking of the match, Zidane coach could not hide the satisfaction of the achievement that the students achieved. He said: "Obviously I am very pleased with this result. Our goal is to score early goals and have done it. This is an important match, the players have shown High-level from the beginning to the end of the match.

I am happy for the players. We are a team and always fight together. I'm here to walk to the side with the students. But they are those who fought them all on the field to get good results. The end of the group stage with the first place is very important. The whole team has done efforts to achieve goals. "

When asked to have a long-term stick with Real Madrid, Zidane frankly acknowledged without becoming a version of Sir Alex Ferguson in Real. He simply wants to enjoy what's best and long as possible.

"I will never become Sir Alex here (Real). That's for sure. I don't know how long I will be in Real. So I don't want to think much about it. I just want to enjoy every second Minutes are working at the world's greatest team. It is a lucky thing for me, "Zidane shared.