Sheet AS (Spain) has released information shocking, it is the leaders Real Madrid prepare additional reduction of 30% of the salary of the player by the crisis on the economy, but the team Royal Spanish incurs . About a month earlier, "Los Blancos" has requested the entire squad voluntary wage cut by the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19 makes the tournament was delayed.

Real danger to: Cut wages team, Ramos and many SAO
Real Madrid are about reducing salaries 2nd (Image Source: Internet)

Real Madrid are about reducing salaries 2nd

Afterwards, the players and coaching staff of Real Madrid has agreed to cut 20% of wages to ensure that all 800 employees are working at the Bernabeu is not fired. However, to this point, the decline is not enough to ensure the recovery of revenue. Thus, the stars of Real likely will be reduced by 30% salary next season.

Real Madrid has estimated the total revenue of the next season will be 822 million euros. However, the effects of the disease is too large, they will be hard to achieve this ideal figure. According to the latest calculations, the home side Bernabeu will be decreased to 20% of total revenue, which means that they will lose 165 million euros. In other words, with revenues of 657 million euros only, Real will not be able to bear the total cost to operate the team up to 741 million euros.

Thus, the wage cut would be the most feasible option for "giant" La Liga. Total amount to pay for one of Real Madrid squad of up to 283 million euros. If the reduction is expected to be 30%, Real will save 85 million euros, a figure sufficient for them to cope with the slump in economic terms.

Real danger to: Cut wages team, Ramos and many SAO
Aubameyang has announced the possibility of moving to Real (Image Source: Internet)

Aubameyang has announced the possibility of moving to Real

This information is shocking for the stars with high incomes at the Bernabeu as Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale. Current Salary of 2 players is about 14.5 million euros / season. With the decrease of 30% of salary, the income of this duo will be only 10 million euros, a figure that alarming for Real Madrid in the context of many big clubs elsewhere in Europe are willing to pay more for Ramos or Bale.

Besides, the other pillars as Modric, Kroos or Benzema will be hard to sit still further reduced if wages follow this plan. Chances are, a mass exodus will take place at the Bernabeu this summer. On the other side, Real will lose the reputation of a "great country" Spain, and the goals that they are pursuing as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal will not be able to rest assured joining a team that is having financial difficulties as Real Madrid.