Wednesday 16/9, Russian media revealed Mikhail Prokhorov - a billionaire from "the land of birch" planned acquisition MU.

Businessman Mikhail Prokhorov is "blood in" collective ownership multinational corporations in the fields of precious metals mining, insurance and banking. He served as Chairman of Polyus Gold - conglomerate largest gold producer in Russia and participate in the 2012 presidential election.

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Mikhail Prokhorov - the 11th richest man in Russia rumored interest in acquiring MU (Image Source: Internet)

Mikhail Prokhorov - the 11th richest man in Russia rumored interest in acquiring MU

2020, Forbes magazine estimated reputation of Prokhorov's fortune at about $ 11.3 billion ($ 11.4 billion record sources), ranked 11 in the list of 115 richest people in Russia and the world.

In terms of financial resources, not inferior Prokhorov Roman Abramovich - Chelsea owner with total assets of $ 11.4 billion ($ 12.4 billion record sources, put on Prokhorov 1 rank in the list of the richest people Russia). Therefore, MU fans believe that the future of the darling team very bright if oligarch's takeover.

However, according to sources from Sportmail, Prokhorov has denied interest in acquiring information MU. The reason is not yet 55 years old billionaire wants to return to the sport after time basketball club owner of the MLS (NBA) - Brooklyn Nets. In 2018, he sold 49% stake in the Brooklyn Nets for Chinese billionaire Joseph Tsai exchange for $ 2.3 billion.

Manchester United is owned by the Glazers since 2005. Under the reign of the Glazers, fans from burning when the "Reds" increasingly deteriorating pitch achievement though is still the leading brand football. Forbes estimates Manchester United worth nearly 3 billion pounds ($ 3.8 billion).

Period from April to the end of the month 10/2018 11/2019, Prince Mohammed bin Salman - who inherited 850 billion pounds in assets from the Royal Saudi Arabia ever asked for MU with 4 billion pounds. However tough stance from Glazers made the deal broke, Mohammed bin Salman then diverted to buy a Premier League team Newcastle United is that earlier this year but failed.