View regrettable phase of Rashford down to eat in this season:

Since the tournament back, MU are accomplishments extremely proud. Specifically, "Reds" has prolonged unbeaten on 14 and this is the best achievement ever reign Solskjaer.

After 3 recent games, we can see the MU line still "firing" steadily with 6 goals scored (an average of 2 goals / match). But one thing is noticeable in attack, except Martial shine brightly with a hat-trick against Sheffield or Ighalo has "fired" in Battle Norwich, only Rashford is still muted.

Solskjaer defended pupil (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer defended pupil

Will hardly be blamed for not giving the opportunity Solskjaer striker who England, by his almost single match from the outset also present corridor left and the chances of getting well is not less. Even in the game against Sheffield, who was born in 1997 also impossible to miss his shot at goal deficit was vacant, so goalkeeper Simon Moore rushed out to prevent Martial.

Though then there is an additional challenge Rashford is created again for Martial scored the 3-0, but his shot missed still become a topic discussed on social networks.

Rashford witness can not regain sensation after injury, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær to defend pupil. "He has been out for a long time, but I think he's very sharp. In the game against Norwich, Rashford came in and played very well.

Sheffield, he missed the 1-2 scoring opportunities, but in return are the tectonic phase. We appreciate that and Rashford is a best season ever. I hope he will have a lot more playing time and certainly, he will soon have a goal. "

Speaking showed Solskjaer still believe Rashford came along and it seems somewhat unfair to Nigeria Odion Ighalo striker. Specifically, hooked scorers hit the net Norwich, Ighalo scored in all 4 times rated soccer.

Contract to the exotic quality of the MU is making Solskjaer feel awkward than in the selection of the main names in attack stone "Reds". However, this is like a headache, "pleasant" when compared with the initial stage of the season when Manchester United striker absence of good.

In the last share, Solskjaer said the importance of the final season. "The whole team played very hard and very possible. 14 games unbeaten is a proud achievement, but we just want to talk about the upcoming match.

Rashford no goals after back (Image Source: Internet)

Rashford no goals after return

To attend the Champions League every year is a great experience. As for the players, it is a big step. That is the goal of the team. But because there are so many clubs competing for the ticket to attend, you can only focus on one game each. In addition, we also want to win the title again. "Solskjaer closed