Marcus Rashford has set up a hat-trick from the reserve seat against Leipzig to contribute to the 5-0 victory in the Champions League. He is not only echoing by activities for children in the pitch, but also shows a bright dazzling form in big matches for "Red Devils".

Rashford is MU's
Rashford vibrates Leipzig's net 3 times in the field (source: Internet)

Rashford vibrated Leipzig's net 3 times in the field from the bench

Rashford was the hero of MU in a 2-1 victory over Paris Saint-Germain in the first match, and the latest hat-trick helped Rashford now have 8 goals in 11 matches for the club and the season This. And that would be a bad news for Arsenal, because "Gunners" would be MU's next opponent.

Rashford emerged and captured a position in the first team in MU by his double against Arsenal during the 2016 Premier League day, and previously rescued MU in Europa League before Midtjylland. Since then, Rashford is not always stable about the goal of scoring but in great matches he has always been able to create mutations.

If only from the 2019/20 season until now, in all Rashford tournaments with Southampton's Danny Ings, the most discussed players in the Big Six group of the Premier League with 9 goals per person, but Rashford stone 12 The game is still in 16 matches. And if you say that the rashford goals are scored, the biggest teams have a reason to fear.

Rashford launched Premier League in 2016 with a brace against Arsenal

Rashford's double against Chelsea in the opening match 2015/20 helps MU go to a 4-0 victory, and when the two teams meet again in the League Cup then 3 months Rashford recording a brace to win 2- first. He added once again recorded a double when he met Tottenham in the Premier League in December 2019, and just a few days later he scored a 2-1 victory against Man City. Rashford is also the only person of MU scoring against Liverpool last season in a 1-1 draw.

In the European Cup, Rashford is the completion of incredible streaming in the first round of the Champions League in 2015/201 to PSG with a Penalty decision. He also scored the victory goals for MU victory against Benfica and CSKA Moscow in the 2017/18 season, and the Lower Anderlecht and Celta Vigo in the quarterfinals and Europa League semi-finals 2016/17 that MU then champion.

With this goal of scoring, Rashford will be an extremely dangerous weapon that MU can rely on when they confront Arsenal and other strong opponents this season. At the age of 22, he proved himself to recreate in MU with the ability to shine on special occasions.